Things to keep in mind while laying out the perfect billiards room  

by Pool Builders on 11-10-2011 in Articles

Whether you're converting your rec room into the ultimate hangout or deciding to bring the local pool hall into your own home, finding the right billiards table is key to capturing the style and atmosphere you're looking for.
To make your buying process easy and quick, Pioneer Family Pools has taken out all of the guesswork.

What you see is what you get, states Pioneer Family Pools owner Harry Martyniuk There are 16 combinations to choose from, and all at the same price. This means you can customize your table to match your room decor. There are currently several different wood finishes and 30 plus felts to choose from.

Our billiard tables are a quality, top-notch product, adds Jay Pritchard, manager of Pioneer's Fitness and Billiards department. It's a great value for what customers are paying. And the best part is that everything is in stock, and can be delivered and installed professionally by Pioneer Family Pools.

Here are a few factors to consider when choosing a billiards table:
- How big is the room in which you will be placing the pool table?
- What size table do you have room for?
- What will it be used for? The kids and their friends? Entertaining adult guests? As a piece of furniture?

Once you've determined this, choosing the colour of wood and felt to complement the look of the room is the next step.

Of course, no games room is complete without the appropriate accessories, and Pioneer Family Pools has them all. From billiard cue racks and cues to billiard balls, lighting and more, billiard enthusiasts will enjoy a vast selection when it comes to accessorizing their games rooms. We even offer a unique Switch Top insert that turns your Billiard table into Table Tennis or flip it over and play an exciting game of Glide Hockey, making your new investment in your games room even more exciting! The response to the introduction of Pioneer Family Pools billiards line has been overwhelming, and they plan to continue offering the best product at the best price.

We want people to know that fitness and billiard components are a long term commitment for Pioneer Family Pools. It's been a long, thought out program, which has been successful in our sister, stores for the past four seasons. We just felt it was time for other locations to benefit from it as well,€ Pritchard explains.

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