Think Shape When It Comes To Unique Pool Designs

by Pool Builders on 03-26-2011 in Articles

When it comes to designing your swimming pool, homeowners know that gone are the days when you could choose from oval and rectangle shapes. Today's pool builders and designers and the materials used to construct swimming pools have taken the ordinary pool design and moved it up to something extraordinary.

The oval and rectangle shapes are classic and still the most common of the basic geometric-shapes. For homeowners who want a swimming pool for fun and recreation and for those who are not looking to make a statement, these are great choices and are usually more affordable than the others.

Many homeowners find that Grecian and Roman pool designs are more pleasing to the eye. These pools are rectangle with rounded ends and are typically chosen by homeowners who want a unique pool without being overly dramatic.

The kidney (bean) shape offers a curvaceous pleasing-to-the-eye design. There are no straight lines and the curve are subtle and appear most suited to homeowners who are looking to make their backyards a tropical themed oasis.

Individuals with the yard-space available turn to their designers to make their dreams of curvy-designed pools come true. A curved shape helps make it more aesthetically pleasing to the eye and more architecturally interesting to your landscape. You can ask your pool designer to incorporate multiple, varying-sized curves.

If you're looking at your backyard oasis as a fitness-only refuge from the daily grind, you might consider constructing a lap pool. These swimming pools are great for individuals who don't have much yard space and for whom a swimming pool will be for fitness, rather than family recreation use. These lap pools are long and narrow.

On the other end of the spectrum are those homeowners who plan to use their swimming pools as a backyard oasis for many, months of the year. In this instance, the homeowner could opt for a tropical oasis swimming pool. Talk to your pool designer about how you can make your swimming pool - regardless o the shape you choose - resemble a grotto. You can incorporate landscaping reminiscent of a tropical forest, add waterfalls or areas of the pool where the water is shallow and landscaped with overhanging rocks over which the water flows.

When it comes to design - the sky and your wallet - are truly the limits. Talk to a knowledgeable swimming pool designer to make your dreams come true.

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