Three Common Swimming Myths Debunked

by Pool Builders on 10-24-2010 in Articles

Swimming is one of the favorite sports of most of the teenagers, kids and even adults. People do love to go dipping and splashing into cool pool water to exercise or simply just to have fun. But just like any other sports today, there are some myths about swimming, too.

In some remote areas, superstitions and other beliefs still run the lives of the people who believe in it. Some myths came from the groups of people who lived in their area hundreds of years ago that are inherited by the following generations. But nowadays, different studies have proven that these beliefs are wrong and don't have enough proof.

Now we are here to debunk some common myths about swimming.

1. "Don't eat before swimming"

Elders are fond of this myth. They say that you should not eat before you go swimming or else you will have a bad tummy ache or that you will get fat. This myth has been with our culture for years and it changes as time goes by. The saying you should not eat two hours before swimming changed into an hour and now for a half-hour. It means that since there's no proof that it is true, the idea of the myth changes year after year.

Definitely, this myth is not true. There is nothing wrong in feeding your starving tummy before swimming. In fact it is good for your body because swimming burns the fat caused by the food that you ate. Besides how can you swim properly if you don't have enough energy to allow your body to move? So don't feel bad having a snack before splashing into the cool water. The only time you can't swim is during the winter season because that is the time when you have to keep your pool covered with winter pool cover to protect it from winter hazards.

2. "To be good in swimming you should have a natural swimming ability"

The saying "practice makes perfect" simply proves that this myth is definitely wrong. Yes, there are people who were born with different natural skills that make them succeed in their chosen fields. But it should not be a basis on what you should do or not to do.

Swimming can be learned. Even the successful swimmers these days also took time to learn every strokes and techniques that made them good at this sport. So don't be afraid to try it even though blood of a good swimmer doesn't run in your family. Once you feel that you want to be good at swimming, go splashing into the above ground or in ground pool and practice it. One day you'll be a good swimmer.

3. "Swimming is only an aerobic exercise"

Swimming is not just an aerobic exercise; it is whatever exercise that you make. It can be helpful to those who want to burn fats. It can also be a good form of exercise to strengthen the heart and lungs as well as the body muscles. Swimming can even help pregnant mothers in their pre-natal exercises. It has a lot of benefits in our health.

These three myths about swimming don't have any scientific explanations. These sayings come up to somehow control our way of thinking. But all these things are not true. Swimming is a good sport in which you can engage yourself with. But always remember to do it properly and safely.

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