Three Features That Are Making Swimming Pools More Fun Than Ever  

by Pool Builders on 11-11-2013 in Articles

Swimming pools make the perfect backyard retreat. They provide a place to goof off and cool off during hot weather and are a great gathering spot for friends and family.

Swimming pools have seen a lot of upgrades in recent years. Designers are getting creative in their approach, introducing fun new features that make the water even more inviting. These features can take any backyard from boring to fantastically fun. Check out some of the interesting ways you can make your backyard a popular hot spot for relaxing, playing, and enjoying the summer.

Baja Steps

The idea behind the Baja step is simple, and it's hard to believe people haven't been doing this for longer. When it first started appearing in swimming pools, it was basically just an oversized first step that added a unique look or made it easier for multiple people to enter at the same time. The idea of an oversized first step was practical and helped people feel comfortable getting in at their own pace, taking their time instead of worrying about the person behind them.

Today's Baja steps serve many other purposes as well. Aesthetically, they add a touch of class and elegance. Homeowners can add decorative detailing and borders to the design. They can request uniquely curved shapes, fun rails, or other customized touches that make it an artistic part of the overall pool aesthetic.

The most modern and luxurious update to the Baja step is the idea of turning it into a relaxation zone, complete with lounge chairs and even umbrellas. When used this way, homeowners and guests can enjoy the relaxing effects of being in the water without getting wet from head to toe.


All kinds of waterfall features can be found in swimming pools from coast to coast. Even prefabricated options are available, and it is more affordable to install a waterfall than ever. Waterfalls enhance a backyard in so many ways, whether you're aiming to create a relaxing getaway or an active play zone. The sound of falling water drowns out traffic and other neighborhood noises, and kids have a blast playing underneath waterfalls, too.

Architects and designers are getting more and more creative when it comes to designing waterfalls for swimming pools. Homeowners can choose from concrete styles that mimic natural rock and look like they came straight out of a babbling creek in the countryside. More contemporary styles offer straight edges and have a sheer stream of water that is sleek and elegant. Some homeowners opt for a dramatic waterfall of 6 or 7 feet that makes an instant impact.

Fire Bowls

One of the most interesting additions homeowners can make to the backyard is a fire bowl. There's no doubt that putting fire and water side-by-side results in a spectacular look that captures attention. The reflections of the fire in water after dark is especially beautiful and can transform the backyard into a beautiful spot for evening parties and gatherings.

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