Three Must Have Chemicals for Your Pool  

by Pool Builders on 10-13-2006 in Articles

All pool owners must deal with chemicals. When considering which chemicals to use, there are several things that pool owners must know.

Regardless of how many chemicals you have, you should never mix them together. Next, do not add water to dry chemicals. Finally, do not handle chemicals with your bare hands.

There are three chemicals that you need to have for your pool. These chemicals are extremely important, since you will be using them quite often.

1. Chlorine tablets come in dimensions of either one inch or three inch. You put chlorine tablets in your skimmer, usually 3 - 4 tablets at a time. During the summer months, when you use your pool every day, you should change your tablets every week.

If you intend to use two skimmers, you will need eight tablets every week. You can purchase chlorine tablets by the bucket, containing 30 - 50 tablets. They are not cheap, approximately $80 a bucket.

2. Alkaline powder. Although chlorine in your pool will kill off germs, it will also raise the level of acid in your water. If you do not use enough alkaline, metal parts will start to corrode, turning your water a misty green color.

Then again, if you use too much alkaline powder, the water will get awfully cloudy, raising the level of germs in the water. This can cause serious health issues. So as to get the right alkaline powder in your pool, you should use brand name alkaline powders in the amount suggested by the package.

3. Chlorine powder is important in killing germs such as algae and bacteria that live in your pool and multiply at extremely fast speeds. To eliminate these germs, you should use a large amount of chlorine powder in your pool.

Chlorine powder is expensive, so you should check how much you will need before you buy. This is a must have chemical, because it is impossible to keep your pool free of germs without it.

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