Three Reasons You Should Consider An Above Ground Pool

by Pool Builders on 01-02-2006 in Articles

What is the best type of pool for you to get to fit a busy family oriented lifestyle like mine? Getting a swimming pool can be a great investment if you live in a climate that is warm for at least a few months of the year. The children will enjoy learning to swim, inviting friends over for pool parties, and you will enjoy having a place for the family to gather for good times. If you are considering a pool, you might want to think about an above ground pool for three reasons: maintenance, safety, and installation.

First of all, the maintenance of any swimming pool is a little bit of a chore. You have to maintain the chemical balances in the pool so that it is safe and yet algae free. You also need to maintain the temperature and keep foreign objects like leaves out of the pool. An above ground pool is a little lower maintenance for one very good reason: it is above ground. When a pool is in ground it is where debris can easily blow right into it as well as being readily available for visitors like squirrels, alligators, and even the occasional dog or cat. On the other hand, an above ground pool offers a much greater challenge to animals and to the wind blown debris that travels at ground level. If you want to spend a little less time on the pool, then an above ground pool may be right for you.

Second, an above ground pool can be a little safer for children. One of the dangers of an in ground pool is that a child can easily walk or crawl right into it. Sure, you can fence in the pool, but the water is still right there at ground level. With an above ground pool, you will be keeping the water up off of the ground where you can easily block off the entrances to it.

The third thing to consider about an above ground pool is that it is much easier to install. Whether you are trying to do the installation yourself or are paying a contractor to do it, the above ground pool is going to be much less invasive. If you choose an in ground pool, there will be digging in your yard, movement of pipes and wires, and the danger that something will get hit. Especially if you plan to do the installation yourself, you should really consider an above ground pool. It still isn’t an easy installation, but you won’t have to dig a huge hold in your yard to get it.

Getting a swimming pool [] is exciting for you and your family. With a family, though, you have to consider the time and maintenance as well as the safety involved in owning a pool. Though there are still responsibilities, an above ground pool offers you a little relief in the maintenance and makes the safety issue a little easier to handle. So for the pool you and your family will enjoy without too much hassle, consider an above ground pool.

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