Three Simple Ways to Make Your Poolside More Inviting  

by Pool Builders on 11-01-2011 in Articles

Buying a house with an exclusive swimming pool and a huge garden is a dream for millions of people. But the irony is people who own such luxurious houses, take very little time to enjoy the pool or take a walk in the garden. Most of them don't decorate their garden and poolside in an attractive way. They use the same monotonous designs used by their forefathers without much change. Hence, they don't feel like heading towards their own poolside for a relaxing sunbath.
Instead they spend thousands of dollars in a spa or a resort. Making the poolside attractive with Adirondack chairs, outdoor chaise lounges and suitable background decoration is quite easy. Take a look at the three simple steps to redecorate the poolside.

Family Huddles in the Canopy Bed Lounge
Use a canopy bed lounge instead of usual outdoor chaise lounges, in the garden area overlooking the pool. Decorate it with suitable curtains and lighting. Place small bamboo tables around it for keeping refreshments. This will avoid the cushions and the curtains getting messy with eatables. The bamboo accessories can also be used to place mobile phones, laptops, etc. Watch the next football match in the laptop, along with the kids in this lounge. Spend a romantic evening with the hubby in the dimly lit garden in this lounge. The poolside will become the favorite place for family get-togethers from then on, automatically.

Change the Background
The compound and the garden space surrounding the pool can be transformed into anything from a thick jungle to a romantic park with a fountain in the middle. Change the background surrounding the pool at least once in three months. Paint the Adirondack chairs with small floral patterns. Plant seasonal flowers, relocate the outdoor chaise lounges, change the lighting shade or simply place new garden statues, bird baths and fountains to give a fresh look. Take the family to the garden one fine evening and ask them to locate the minute and major changes. Make it a fun game.

Personalize the Poolside Parties
Be it a birthday party or Halloween or Christmas make your pool the center or attraction for any celebration. Use special lighting around the fence of the pool, float multi colored balloons on the water. Hang some balloon from the attractive patio umbrellas adjoining the outdoor chaise lounges or the poolside tables. Stack lot of medium sized Adirondack chairs and small benches in the buffet area to provide comfortable seating for the guests. Hide small instructions for the guests under the lounge cushions and below the umbrellas. Make use of them during the party games. A little planning will make this poolside party the best in the neighborhood.

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