Time Line for Planning Your Breast Augmentation ~ Now is the time!  

by Pool Builders on 09-26-2011 in Articles

Once again this year, I am seeing the very same pattern that has become so common in our plastic surgery specialty.  Women are beginning their research now, which is good, but planning to wait until March to actually have the surgery, which can be very problematic.

With the advent of 24 hour recovery, Dr. Tebbetts routinely returns our patients to full normal activity in 24 Hours - they are up and showered and out to dinner or shopping the night of surgery.  But, the healing process is still a process.  It takes time for your new implants to soften and settle  - drop and fluff.  It takes time for them to really relax and take on the very natural look you have been dreaming of.  I always tell patients to wait at least 3 months before trying to figure out what new cup size they will be and buy new bras, so the same time frame goes for swim suits!

There are also post operative restrictions in terms of special activities.  We ask our patients to refrain from cardiovascular activity for two weeks, and restrict weight lifting to less than 35 pounds for three weeks.   If a patient is involved in a strenuous sport - competitive tennis, horse back riding, or boot camps - we ask that they wait six weeks before getting back into these harder activities.

The one no-no that always gets a patient's attention if they wait until spring time to have surgery is that you cannot be in still water - NO SWIMMING, hot tubs, pools, oceans even bath tubs - for six weeks after surgery.  The bacteria in still water increases the risk of infection exponentially.

When you realize that although you can be up and out and resuming normal activity right away but it will be three months before your new implants take on the true natural look you have been dreaming of and that it is three months before it is safe to resume all different type of activities that warm weather, spring/summer vacations often entail....the perfect time to have breast augmentation surgery is NOW - Fall and Winter offer the 24 hour breast augmentation recovery patients time to really allow their implants to fully heal and be ready to show off come Spring time!

Hooray for cooler weather, bulky clothes and closed swimming pools!  Now is the time to finish your research and get this done!!  You will thank me for this helpful timing hint when all the new swim suit ads start showing up and warm weather is calling you out to the beach - you will be ready!

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