Tips For Choosing A Pool Cover For Your Home

by Pool Builders on 04-08-2012 in Articles

If your home has a swimming pool in the backyard, you may have realized that a pool cover is the way to go when it comes to water conservation and keeping dirt and other contaminants out. But, with all the different sorts of structures on the market, how do you know which one is best for you? Use these tips to help you choose the most appropriate cover for your needs:

Choose a pool cover that is constructed out of quality materials:

Whilst buying a flimsy looking or lesser quality cover may seem like the cheaper option, it will actually cost you more than a better quality one in the long run. This is because the cover will become damaged easily and will need to be frequently repaired or even replaced after a short amount of time.

Choose a cover that comes with a warranty:

In the event that something should happen to your cover in the course of its pool protecting duties, it is important to have it under a warranty that will repair it without taking a chunk out of your wallet. Many people also believe that only a reputable seller will offer a warranty for their structures.

Choose a pool cover that adheres to the law:

As with any structure, you are required by law to ensure that they builders have the correct kind of permits and follow the strict regulations that are in place. Some covers may not follow these guidelines as directly as they could.

Choose a cover that allows chemical ventilation:

It is important to ensure that the space underneath your cover will not be quickly filled with the fumes the chlorine and other chemicals that are vital to keeping the pool clean (as can sometimes happen). A structure with open sides should provide enough ventilation to prevent this from happening.

Choose a pool cover that you like the look of:

If you choose a cover that sticks out in your yard like a sore thumb, the reality of the situation is that you're probably going to regret the decision to install one. This is why it is also important to choose a structure that you think will match your home and that you think is aesthetically pleasing.

Choosing a cover for your home does not have to be a nightmare process, providing you follow the above tips. They are designed to help you make the right choice for your individual needs, as well as ensuring that your cover adheres to legal requirements and keeps the safety and well being of your family in mind.

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