Tips For Keeping Your Swimming Pool Pristine  

by Pool Builders on 09-10-2012 in Articles

All home owners with a swimming pool know that keeping a swimming pool clean and safe is not an easy task. It requires the owner to be responsible for it by giving it attention and time. Destin pool contractors suggest that it requires a great deal of care in order to keep swimmers healthy and safe when they are busy having a good time in the water.
The following are some of the tips that pool owners can use to keep their pool clean and safe:
Clean the pool surface: This involves skimming the surface and removing leaves and other debris that might be floating around on it. Use a leaf net for this job. In order to keep the dirt from getting into the pool once you have cleaned, clean the surrounding area of the pool. This will prevent swimmers from bringing in dirt from the surrounding area into the pool. The skimmer baskets need to also be emptied on a regular basis.
Balance the PH level of water: In addition to ensuring that your pool is clean, the PH level has to be balanced. The PH level should be between 7.4 and 7.6. This is the level that will allow chlorine to actually work by killing germs. If the PH level is not balanced, your pool will have a green appearance. Moreover, the water may make your eyes tear or cause scales to appear on the floor and walls of your pool.
Shock your pool: This is important in order to prevent the pool water from smelling of chlorine. Super chlorination is the process used to shock the pool. This not only prevents the water from becoming cloudy but it also prevents the water from causing eye and skin irritations.
Protect it from snow during winter: In order to prevent the pool from ice and snow during the winter, it is important to cover it to keep the ice and snow away from the water. The snow must be removed to prevent it from accumulating in the water so as to keep your water clear.
Prevent your pool from becoming green: The growth of algae can make your pool become green and very uninviting to your guests. You can ensure that growth of algae does not occur by using algae inhibitors. This will prevent algae from growing in your pool.
In addition to making your pool appear disgusting, algae makes it slippery and the swimmers can slide on it and fall. By using the algae inhibitors, you also keep it free from other slime.
Keep it safe for swimmers: Apart from ensuring that it does not pose as a health hazard, your swimming pool should be safe for the swimmers. This means checking the ladders, decks and the diving boards often for any slippery stuff. All broken parts and missing parts should be replaced as soon as possible. Any broken fences and doors around the swimming pool should be fixed.
In order to prevent any embarrassment from your guests and to prevent accidents from happening, you should seek the services of Destin pool contractors who will help to keep your pool clean and safe. Maintaining your pool will no longer be a chore.

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