Tips For Maintaining Your Swimming Pool  

by Pool Builders on 01-15-2013 in Articles

It is wonderful to have a personal swimming pool in your two storeyed penthouse or a large pool in the garden area of your bungalow. Swimming pools are fun and you can spend good time with your family, children, and friends inside the pool. You can teach your children to swim or simply to play a water game with them. Friends can be invited over a pool party or you could just have a drink or two and relax in the cool water. However, in this entire process, the pool and the water tend to get dirty and require regular cleaning in order to keep the pool sparking clean. You should follow some necessary steps to keep the swimming pool clean and well maintained.

Swimming pools are usually open (if you don't have a pool cover) and the water might get dirty due to the dried leaves and flowers shedding from nearby trees and plants. These leaves and flowers come blowing with the air and are tossed into the water. Soil also gets mixed with the pool water when heavy winds are blowing. Paper, plastic bags, and other such light weighted materials might also fly into the water with the wind. These things float on the surface of the water. You can easily remove them using nets attached to long rods. Do not allow pet dogs, cats or any animals in house to come close to the swimming pool as they might not always be clean. You cannot enter the pool water if it has animal poop or bird droppings inside it, can you? It will affect your hygiene and health.

Checking the water levels in the pool is also necessary. This can be done once every month in order to maintain the correct level of water present in the swimming pool. Along with the water levels, checking the amount of chlorine in the water is also necessary. This has to be done once every week. If the chlorine levels are low, you can add a few tablets of chlorine to balance it. This will help keep the water clean. Changing or filtering the water of the swimming pool is necessary at regular intervals. If you use the pool every day, you need to change its water every week. If the pool is not used much, then a period of one month is sufficient for using the same water. Having a filtering machine or motor will make it easier to change the entire water of the pool if it is a huge one.

As time passes, cracks might develop in the interior of the swimming pool walls or flooring. You need to keep a check on it as well. You cannot leave the cracks unattended. Fill the minor cracks with a paste of silicon that will not allow the pool water to escape within the earth through the cracks. You can look around for these cracks when you empty the swimming pool. Fill in the possible cracks yourself. The wider cracks can be repaired with the help of professionals, who charge you a fee depending upon the number of cracks to be filled.

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