Tips For Pool Maintenance

by Pool Builders on 10-21-2009 in Articles

Having a pool is a luxury and it is important that the maintenance activity of the pool never takes a break. There is certain regular maintenance that needs to be carried out as far the swimming pool is concerned. These are neither so easy nor very difficult, and if you have the time and energy, can be carried out by you. In order to ensure that the pool contains clean and clear water, all efforts should be concentrated in two areas: maintaining the chemical balance of the pool water, and removing the unwanted and foreign particles from the swimming pool.

Normally swimming pool maintenance can be classified into daily routine care jobs as well as weekly routine jobs. There are also specialized fortnightly or monthly schedules that need to be carried out to ensure that the pool is healthy and safe for all those who use it. Daily Care involves cleaning of water surface. An open pool can have a lot of dust floating on the surface and hence daily cleaning is an absolute necessity. Make sure that the pool is sparkling clean; especially if you have children using it. Another important activity is testing the pH level of the water. Make sure that the pH is neutral or close to neutral as the water should neither be alkaline or acidic. Pools with alkaline or acidic water content can cause damage to the users as well as equipment. Chlorine dosing is also an important activity as this helps disinfection of water and prevents micro organisms from breeding as well as formation of algae. A perfect water filtration and circulation system is an absolute necessity in any swimming pool. Make sure that the filter is cleaned daily and also that the pump is in perfect working condition.

Apart form the daily care, there are also certain weekly schedules that need to be adhered to ensure that you and your family members are using a healthy pool. These include adding clarifiers and metal out chemicals in proper dosages, as prescribed. These ensure that you do not have to combat cloudy water or metal infested water. Shocking pool water is a good way to break down suspended chlorine compounds, which may have accumulated as a result of continuous dosage. Adding anti algae chemicals is also critical as such chemicals prevent algae formation. Apart from these activities which the pool owner himself can do, it is important that a monthly inspection be carried out by a professional swimming pool agency, to check water quality and hygiene standards. Pool water, if contaminated can be very dangerous, not only to the users and the house where it is located, but also to the community that the house is a part of.

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