Tips For Teaching Your Kids to Swim

by Pool Builders on 03-28-2010 in Articles

Swimming as we all know is a life saving skill. Whether or not we as adults can swim ourselves, most people want their children to be able to swim. While most primary and secondary schools have swimming lessons at some point, many parents like to take it further then that and teach their kids themselves, whether via paid lessons or teaching their kids themselves.

If you decide to take this second option there's no absolute right or wrong way about going about this, but here are some tips:

Make the idea fun. If you create some excitement about going swimming the child will normally be more open to the idea of trying it. Don't over hype it though, kids can smell fakers from a mile off and will end up being wary.

Don't rush in. It takes some kids longer then others to get used to the water, so start them off by allowing them to get comfortable in the shallow end and have a bit of free time.

When you feel they're ready to get it going, have them hold onto the side of the pool and work on their kicking technique. Keep them informed on how they're doing, the aim of this being to make sure they're able to keep themselves afloat with their kicking and to strengthen their legs.

One they've got their leg movements right, next work on the arms. You can support them during this process by holding them on their front side while they use the learnt kicking process and practice their hand movements. Once they have got this down they can see if they can put both of these movements together by themselves. And there you have it, a swimming child.

Children can learn this process at different speeds, so please be patient with yours.

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