Tips For Triathlon Swimming

by Pool Builders on 01-02-2011 in Articles

There are many aspects to being able to swim successfully in the triathlon. Everyone has their own particular points that they must deal with or overcome to become a better swimmer when race time comes. For many it is just a matter of gaining more speed and for others it could be just getting more comfortable swimming in open water. Below are some tips for triathlon swimming that may be of some use.

One important thing everyone should be working on is endurance. You want to get out of the water and onto your bike without being totally exhausted. For this you must spend some quality time swimming. You can't expect to spend a little time in a pool a couple days a week and be able to get a good workout.

If all you have is a short amount of time to swim, use this time wisely. Doing some fast intervals after warming up will get your heart rate going and help increase your endurance. Maybe a couple times a month go for the distance. Try to swim as many laps as you can squeeze in for an endurance workout, go at the fastest pace you can comfortably maintain.

If your triathlon swims are typically in the ocean, you need to spend a little time at the beach swimming in the surf. Many people have a tough time getting past the surf line and settling into their swim strokes. Practice this part over and over until you become more comfortable or it becomes second nature to you. A side benefit to this is running in the water will strengthen your legs.

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