Tips In Rebuilding A Swimming Pool  

by Pool Builders on 03-16-2013 in Articles

Having a swimming pool at home is a luxury most homeowners dream of. Pools provide fun and relaxation to the entire family in many ways. You can host great pool parties too. Overall, having a swimming pool is great! But nothing lasts forever. Pools will eventually crack, leak and get into a state where it's not fun to swim in anymore. It would be time to rebuild the pool back to its former glory and perhaps make it even better. So if you are looking for re-builders of swimming pools Sydney, Australia got, read on these tips first and perhaps do the rebuild it yourself.

Rebuilding Tips and Tricks

If you simply got tired of your old pool and decide to take it up a notch, a simple renovation is all you need. Address the new style you want to have by determining what's best for you and the rest of the users. Some like to rebuild the pool because they got more family members or because the kids all grew up. After address the needs, then you can address the wants such the design and features. Then remember to estimate the cost based on current swimming pools Sydney prices.
Once you settled with the rebuild plan and is firm with it, then you can start the excavation to commence the rebuild. You might think of reusing the old plumbing hardware installed in the old pool but that is not recommended. Take out all the old hardware from the old pool and make sure they are all removed. Do not just cover them up with a new layer of fresh concrete. That would jeopardize the foundation of the new pool you would build. Hence, this will only be applicable if you are completely getting a new pool.
For design renovations like changing the tiles, it will only require careful removal of the old tiles wherein you ensure the walls won't crack. The filter system will remain the same since you are not expanding the pool anyway. But for expansion on the other hand, you need to change some of the pool hardware to address the increase of water capacity of the new pool. You need to basically overhaul the filter and pump system of the pool to accommodate the changes to be made. Make sure you get the right filter system and pump system. Getting an under performing one or sticking to the old one used for a smaller pool will give you problems regarding maintaining the right level of cleanliness and purity of the pool.
Adding features to an existing pool is also a common rebuild idea. Some feature would require you to tweak a little in the pool thus would require you to get experts like installing a spa system in the pool. But for other simple additions like fountains, slides, sprays and waterfalls which are installed around the pool, perhaps you can do that yourself or if you hire contractors for swimming pools Sydney got in the city, it wouldn't cost much.
Swimming pool renovations and rebuilds most be done right to ensure you address your need needs and wants. Plan carefully and do it right since it can be more complicated compared to building a new pool.

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