Tips On Chlorine Filters For The Shower.  

by Pool Builders on 05-01-2008 in Articles

As awareness of the negative effect that chlorine can have on our heath many people are searching for solutions. Incorporating chlorine shower head filters into our home is one solution many are turning towards.

Have you read about this lately? Chlorine filters for the shower could be more important to your health than drinking water filters, particularly for people with asthma, allergies or sinus problems. But, chlorine shower head filters can benefit everyone in the family. Here's why.
Chemicals can be absorbed through your skin anytime you are in the water. But, during a nice steamy shower, the pours of your body open up and even more chemicals are absorbed. The amount of chemicals that can enter your body is far more than what you would ingest by drinking a glass of the water. It has been estimated that you would have to drink about 50 glasses of water to equal the amount of chemicals that you absorb through your pores.

Chlorine filters for the shower block nearly 100% of the chemicals that are in the water, allowing you to shower in really clean water, for a change. Allergy, asthma specialists and other doctors are recommending chlorine shower head filters for their patients because chlorine vapors are extremely irritating to the respiratory tract. Many studies have shown that kids who swim in indoor chlorinated swimming pools are more prone to asthma attacks than kids who do not.

The concentration of chlorine vapor in the steam from a shower is even more irritating. Chlorine vaporizes faster than water. Only about 4% of the water ends up as steam or vapor, but nearly 100% of the chemicals are vaporized by the hot water.
Chlorine filters for the shower remove the chemicals before they can enter the air that you breathe. You may remember that doctors often suggested a "steam bath" to relieve coughs and croup. But, not anymore, not unless you have chlorine shower head filters.
The chemicals would even further irritate the bronchial passages. It's just like inhaling bleach fumes. Because that is basically what chlorine is, just bleach.
Another fact to consider is that inhaled chemicals hit the blood stream faster than ingested chemicals. Chlorine and other chemicals in the water are believed to be responsible for increased incidences of certain types of cancer. If you do not have chlorine filters for the shower, you are risking your future health, even if you have no health problems today.
Other benefits to chlorine shower head filters are "purely cosmetic". But, that may be one of the reasons they are so popular. In less than a week, most people notice softer skin and hair. Some of the better companies even guarantee it.
If you swim in a chlorinated pool, you know what happens to your gets drier. You probably know what happens to your hair. It gets drier. It also gets lighter, because remember chlorine is bleach, so it "bleaches" your hair.
If you have color treated or permed hair, the water can actually turn your hair green. It's a chemical reaction. Hairdressers see it all the time. Believe it or not, the concentration of chlorine in your tap water is higher than what you find in a swimming pool.
Once you try showering in non-chlorinated water, you will never want to go back. The difference is that amazing. So, what are you waiting for?
Chlorine filters for the shower are available from the better water purification companies and come in a variety of easy to install styles. By installing your own chlorine shower head filters you can be showering in the equivalent of natural spring water in a matter of minutes.

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