Tips On Swimming Pool Restoration For The Summer  

by Pool Builders on 01-14-2014 in Articles

In doing swimming pool restoration for the summer season, the first thing that you have to remember is that it is not advisable that you empty it. This is true although you are living in a location with a very cold climate. You have to keep this in mind.

Do not make this as an excuse unless you have other reasons like major structural damage or when there has been a lot of leaves settling at the bottom. Emptying it especially if it is at a high water table will lead to popping it out like a boat so you will have to require complete replacement.

The next step that you have to learn about is the importance of cleaning it and the process can begin with shaping it with the proper chemical. You should also check out any problems in the filtration system and be sure that the filters have been cleared together with their baskets. You may now also remove the plugs you have placed before while keeping the cover still in place while the work is going on.

Moreover, topping it off would be necessary if the level of the water has dropped over the winter season. You can make this after you have already cleaned the filters and turning the supply on would then be allowed to follow. If you have the cartridge type of filter, this can be cleaned up by removing it and washing it with the hose. Others have to be dismantled before any grime will be eliminated and then reassembled thereafter.

Another issue that you have to deal with is about the safety of the water itself and you will really have to call a professional regarding this to make the testing. You can procure a water sample and take it to a laboratory which can test it. They will find out the mineral and chlorine content whether it is appropriate and safe as well as other elements and microbes.

Furthermore, you also have to ensure that there is a balance of chemicals and you could base this with the analysis you have earlier. It should also have the proper pH levels according to acidity or alkalinity required. There are also skimmer baskets to deal with metal problems.

There are swimming pool restoration contractors for this. But you may choose to do it on your own. Make sure that you vacuum the debris or leaves left in the bottom.

The water has to be clear. Wait for it to be so before diving o it. This may even take a week.

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