Tips To Keep Your Hair Healthy After Swimming

by Pool Builders on 10-06-2010 in Articles

Swimming is the greatest forms of exercise that you can do. The problem with pools is that their are very bad for your hair since they use a lot of chemicals to keep the water clean. Swimmers definitely need a special program to keep their hair from being damaged from pool chemicals.

The biggest issue is that the hair gets wet so the best option is to use a swimming cap. Swimming caps are good but they don't protect every strand of hair on your head. If you soak your hair in fresh water for a few minutes before swimming, there will be no space for pool water to be absorbed in to your hair. Swimming conditioner is a conditioner that doesn't need to be rinsed off and helps protect hair while you are swimming in a pool full of chemicals.

Once you have finished swimming you should always wash and rinse your hair no matter what you have done to protect it. Most public pools have showers for you to rinse off and wash up in and you should take advantage of them as soon as you leave the pool. SLS based shampoos are often a bad choice for people who shampoo their hair often so you shouldn't use them. Vitamin based shampoo is the best for your hair since it will provide nutrients and moisturize your hair. Swimming shampoo is a great option since it is designed for swimmers. If you swim a lot then you should also use a conditioner for your hair even if you don't use it regularly when you aren't swimming.

Weekly hair treatments are a good idea for swimmers, but it is also very important to use a conditioner that can be left in for extended periods of time before and after you go for a swim. You should towel dry your hair since blow drying often leads to damages hair even if you think you are extremely careful. Hair can also be damages by brushing it while wet so you should use a wide toothed comb to untangle it gently.

To sum it up, I always wash my hair with a good shampoo, condition it, and let it dry on its own so that I don't have any problems when I brush it later on. You hair will grow back if you have any problems and need to shave it off. However, if you damage the roots then you may be in trouble.

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