Tips To Keep Your Swimming Pool Clean and Shimmering

by Pool Builders on 07-14-2013 in Articles

If you have your own swimming pool, you can definitely enjoy healthy dives and organize pool parties. Pools are definitely a great addition and can greatly enhance the decor of your home. Additionally, swimming is one of the best forms of exercise and rejuvenates your mind and body after tiring office or personal chores. During summers, you can play pool games with your family and enjoy to the fullest. But to enjoy safe and healthy swims, you need to keep your pool water clean. It is all the more important if your pool is open and is not covered by any shed. Thus, it gets exposed to dirt, dust, twigs, leaves and branches.

Following are few tips that will help you to effectively clean your pool and keep it safe and healthy.

Extract Leaves and Dirt from Pool Water

If your pool gets exposed to dirt, dust and leaves, you need to frequently take it out using some net. During rainy and winter season, you rarely use your pool and if your pool is not covered it can become home have fallen leaves and dirt. When the diving season arrives, you may find your pool covered with swampy clutter. You can either hire experts to clean your pool or if you wish to save your money you can clean out the mess yourself. Let us learn how-

• If you find the pool water too dirty and complete covered with leaves and swampy mess, it is advisable not to use a vacuum. You may not be able to see the bottom of your pool and may not determine the amount of debris that may have fallen into the water. If you get an automatic pool cleaner into this mess, it can damage its filtration system and pump as well.

• When you are not able to determine the dirt and debris in the pool, it is better to be safe than sorry. Know how to clean swimming pools effectively and save significant amount of money usually spent on cleaners. Do not take the risk of using your pool vacuum without knowing whether any detrimental substance is present in the pool surface. The pool cleaner may not be able to deal with it and it may lead to irreparable damages. So, use a leave skimmer to eliminate all the debris and unwanted substances from your swimming water.

Balance the pH level of your pool water

To adequately clean the pool water and make it free from bacteria, algae, chloramines and more unwanted substances, you need to effectively shock your pool. You can use chemicals and supplies for the same to balance the chlorine level of your pool. If the balance wavers, it can lead to the growth of algae and bacteria. Additionally, if you constantly use your pool for dives and swimming, chloramines can form in the water that can lead to allergies, skin rashes, eye redness, itching and more. When you shock the pool water, chlorine kills off the bacteria and algae and eliminates chloramine. Thus, the water becomes healthy and safe for swimming.

Use Pool Filter to keep pool water shimmering

With the effective use of the pool filter, you can clearly ensure shimmering and crystal clear pool water. On a frequent basis clear the pool water and remove the unwanted elements like debris, leaves and dust particles. An effective and high-quality pool filter will remove even the minutest element and ensure clean and shiny water. Choose from the best brands including Hayward and Jandy filter equipment.

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