Tips for Becoming Your Neighborhood’S Resident Griller Master  

by Pool Builders on 06-30-2014 in Articles

You've spent five long months cooped up indoors. Constant snowstorms and bitterly cold temperatures ensured that you never left the house unless absolutely necessary - and even then, it was iffy. All winter long, you dreamt about throwing one of your famous backyard barbecues. The combination of family, friends, neighbors and good food always serves as the highlight of your summer. Looking outside and seeing your backyard covered in heavy, wet snow only strengthened your desire to put on the chef's hat and start grilling again.

Now that summer has made its long-overdue appearance, it's time to go all-out and throw an unforgettable barbecue to commemorate the return of warm weather and long sunny days. This can't be your run-of-the-mill barbecue, either. After enduring such a frigid, arduous winter, your friends and neighbors are still reeling from cold weather fatigue - and there's no better way to cure them than a fun-filled cookout in your backyard. Since you have a reputation for throwing swinging summertime shindigs, your guests are already expecting great things from you. However, the following tips will help you surpass those expectations and go down in history as your neighborhood's resident grill master.

Buy a Propane Grill

If you're interested in cooking up burgers, franks, steaks and chicken breasts that retain their natural juiciness and flavor, ditch your old charcoal grill in favor of a fuel-efficient propane model. Although propane grills tend to feature larger price tags than their charcoal-based counterparts, grilling experts across the country agree that propane burns hotter and seals in flavor better than charcoal. Additionally, with propane grills, there's far less chance of meat becoming smoky, charred or inedible. Be advised that a reliable propane grill will require regular cleaning and maintenance, but the payoff is impeccably cooked summertime delights. Your grill's propane tanks will also need to be refilled after every few cookouts, so make a point of finding a dependable supplier in your area.

Offer Heart-Healthy Dining Options

Despite being finger-licking good, the entrees and sides served at most barbecues are hardly healthy. With this in mind, make sure to provide a small assortment of health-conscious dining options for guests who are watching their weight or trying to limit their cholesterol intake. Being surrounded by hearty meats, tasty potato salad and delectable deviled eggs is enough to shake the resolve of even the most dedicated dieter - particularly if no alternatives are available. Fortunately, your grill can be used to prepare a mouthwatering array of heart-healthy seafood, vegetables and shish kabobs that are guaranteed to sate the taste buds of any dieters in attendance.

Purchase an Above-Ground Pool

With the past few American summers being characterized by relentless heat waves, it stands to reason that this summer will have its fair share of scorchers. Even in this day and age, there's no better way to beat the sweltering summertime heat than a dip in the pool. So if you suspect your guests will be eager to cool off, provide them with a way to do so by purchasing an above-ground swimming pool for your backyard. Unlike in-ground pools, which cost between $20,000 and $40,000 to install, most above-ground pools can purchased for well under $1,000. Furthermore, they can be assembled and taken apart with ease. With minimal effort, you can turn your backyard barbecues into pool parties. Even when you're not hosting barbecues, your family is sure to appreciate the luxury of having their very own swimming pool.

The backyard barbecue is a longtime staple of summertime in America. By utilizing a few simple tips, you can carry on this proud tradition and win the admiration of your family, friends and neighbors.

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