Tips for Fixing Leaks in Your Pool  

by Pool Builders on 02-24-2014 in Articles

Leaking of swimming pools is common. It is not difficult to fix a leak in the swimming pool. First of all it is important to detect a leak in the pool and then you need to seal a pipe from inside to stop the leak. If you are not able to detect the leak in your swimming pool on time then it may cause big leak. It will lead to decrease in water level in your pool. It may cause you to pay heavy water bills and may cause destruction of the foundation of your home or neighbours land. If you do not check the leak on time it may become bigger and bigger and can cost you heavy losses. Therefore, it is important to fix the leaks as quickly as possible.

First of all it is important to determine that a water leak is occurring. Water may be decreasing from your pool simply because of evaporation. You can simply cover your pool to reduce evaporation of water. Some repairs in swimming pool such as to seal a pipe from inside are complicated and may require expert technicians to check the leaks and to do the repair. The leak may be due to fault in the filter system. You may check the leak in the filter system by running it for a day. Then mark the level of water. Turn off the filter and then again notice the water level. Check the difference between the two water levels to find out if there is a leak or not.

The leak may be present in the structure of the pool. A wet area may be present near your pool. You may hire an experienced person to seal a pipe from inside that may be causing leak in your swimming pool. It is important to determine the leak from a pipe connection because it may produce more danger to your surroundings. It is not easy to do the repair yourself because you may miss the important things that are needed for proper repair. A leak in the pipe connection could be more dangerous and it is necessary to seal a pipe from inside. It can only be done by an expert technician who knows about the repairing of the swimming pool. It is important to check the leaks in your swimming pool from time to time to save your house and nearby structures.

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