Tips for a perfect family weekend at the water park  

by Pool Builders on 07-19-2009 in Articles

It has been a long and stressful week for both you and your family. Weekend is closing and you want to spend it in a different way. You are starting to establish several plans. By happy chance, weather is on your side and the prognosis says that there will be a hot and sunny weekend.

You are making ideas when unexpectedly there is this terrific idea that comes to your mind: why don't you take your wife and kids to a terrific water park? Sounds like an incredible idea. All you need to do is to take as an example some of the best tips and advices about water parks:

1.Safety comes first. You are responsible for both yourself and your family. At all times keep your kids in view when they are nearby water. Almost every water park has its own lifeguards, but that doesn't underestimate your duty as a vigilant parent. Depending on your kids ages, you need to take care that they are only swimming in the suitable pool or that they are doing fitting activities. Therefore, toddlers should not come near deep pools, which are very hazardous. Little ones have their own swimming pools and recreation areas. While it is supposed to be smoother to oversee a bigger kid, don't take it for granted. Ensure you cautioned your kids about the hazards of ingurgitating water. At each water park, the water is treated with lots of chlorine.

2.Keep your eyes on any important thing that you bring to the water park. Though water park are approximately secure don't forget that sometimes bad things just take place. If you don't choose to pay for a locker room, assure you keep all your important things (keys, cards, money, IDs) in a small impermeable package. This procedure has both benefits and impediments. Its main benefit is the fact that you may secure it to your body so you will never lose sight of it. On the other hand, bulky waterproof containers will make you feel incommodious, especially when you are struggling to swim.

3.Protect yourself from the sun. This is very important so ensure you take all the required measures. Extensive exposure to sun will produce major damage to your skin and eyes. Kids are even more exposed to sunburns and dehydration. When going to a water park, don't depart home until you assure you have packed plenty mineral water, to replenish the vitamins and nutrients lost through sweating. Also, don't forget to pack some first-class sunscreen and sunglasses. The sunscreen will protect your skin against ultraviolet radiation while sunglasses will take care of your eyes. Sunscreen should be applied right away after swimming or at intervals of 2-3 hours.

4.Water parks have rules. Some tubes and slides have a height limit. That limit is there for a purpose so you will have to take it into account. Also, some attractions could have an age limit. Fortunately, most water parks possess online websites, so it is an accessible thing for yourself to check earlier. The use of towels and water slippers is approved at almost every water park. While this is not a rule, you should respect it as well, because you are doing it for body's own health.

Now that you've been briefed about water parks rules, the only thing left to do is start packing for the weekend and assure you are doing everything you can to offer your family an exceptional time. See you at the water park!

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