Tips on Choosing Your Landscaping Trees  

by Pool Builders on 07-16-2011 in Articles

Trees and shrubs are necessary with regards to pool landscaping. Not only will trees make the backyard look green and cool, it's going to provide shade where you and your family could spend time together. To help you to choose the best variety of swimming pool landscaping trees in your back yard, here are a few things that you need to think about.

Flowering Trees

If you wish to make your lawn look really pretty through certain months of year, think about growing flower bearing trees and shrubs. There are many types of flower bearing landscaping trees that you can choose from. Magnolias and Rose of Sharon are certainly great. The Rose of Sharon can be very beautiful. In reality, the Rose of Sharon isn't exactly a tree but a type of flowering shrub however because it is almost always pruned to have just one trunk and after that permitted to grow tall, this type of plant is more often called a landscaping tree in the states. What's really quite interesting about the Rose of Sharon is it blossoms for some time.

Aside from magnolias and Rose of Sharon, the dogwood will make a fantastic addition for your landscaping project. The cornus kousa and the cornus florida, a couple of the most common variety of the dogwood tree are normally used as trees for landscaping. The nice thing about both of these varieties is they offer some really nice blossoms during the spring.

Fruit Trees

If you think fruit trees should be in the orchard, you better think again. Fruit trees can in fact be good pool landscaping trees. However, since the majority fruit trees are likely to grow really massive, you might contemplate growing just 1 or 2 fruit trees in your backyard. Select those types of fruit trees that don't really grow too large. Think about using local varieties of fruit trees for landscaping applications.

Keep in mind that when it comes to pool landscaping, native species are superior. Sure, tropical species of trees may well look great however they are definitely not so easy to grow this is especially true if you live in a place where the temperature is not suitable for these amazing trees.

Should you grow fruit bearing trees in your back yard, do not spray an excessive amount of pesticide into the tree. Whenever possible, just let the tree grow naturally. Always remember that spraying chemicals into the tree could possibly be damaging to the health of you and your family and also to the environment.

After all the work you've put in planting your pool landscaping trees, the one thing left to accomplish will be to use a number of decorative rock or perhaps mulch. You simply must use lawn and garden edging or block to prevent the mower from hurling the mulch or pebbles everywhere. Return for the next report about lawn and garden edging tips!

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