Tips on How to Swim Freestyle Faster and Cut Time

by Pool Builders on 07-05-2010 in Articles

The freestyle is a very deceiving stroke. While it may look very easy to do, it is a very technical and involved stroke. There are many small details that can be changed or improved upon to improve stroke efficiency, speed, or reduce drag. Below, I will explain a few aspects of the freestyle and how they should be done in order to get the most efficiency and speed out of your stroke.

I will start with head position. Your eyes should be looking towards the bottom of the pool at all times. The only movement the head should make is rotation along the body's axis during breathing. During this time the head should lead the body in rotation.

This leads to body position. Most of the time, your body should be on its side. The only time your body is on the front is during the transition to the opposite side. This helps to minimize resistance as you move through the water.

The arms can be divided into three parts including the catch, the pull, and the recovery. The most involved of these parts are the pull and the recovery. The pull should be done in an "S" shape, with the hand moving in towards the body first. During the recovery, the elbow is the first to exit the water and should be kept high till reentry into the water.

The flutter kick should not be thought of as a main source of propulsion. Rather it should be kept fairly small and just under the surface of the water. The knees and ankles should be kept loose with the toes close together.

Learning how to swim freestyle faster is no easy task. These tips will put you well on your way to success in the freestyle, and may also help you to improve your other strokes as well!

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