Tips on Properly Testing Your Swimming Pool Water  

by Pool Builders on 11-24-2008 in Articles

The best time for testing your swimming pool water is at dusk. Remember if you are using test strips, when you open the container and get your strip do not dripped any water in the container or it will contaminate. Selects an area of the pool where there is no water coming back to the pool from the filter. You should dip the strip at elbow depth, wait 30 seconds and then compare the colors. If you're using reagent type of a test kit selects a suitable area in the pool, and dip the tester elbow depth, put in the proper amount of drops and compare to the chart.

The next steps are very important to pay attention to. First wait at least four hours after swimmers have left the pool to perform your test. Try to test the water at least four times a week, you should wait at least 8 to 12 hours after a rain storm or a windstorm. Usually weekends are not a good time as your neighbors are mowing the lawn, fertilizing or other summer activities in which the contents of could get in your pool and affect the reading.
Should you get a pH reading of normal for three weeks or more and then suddenly you're pH reading is either low are high, take no action until you can check it again in 24 hours. If you're getting the same reading 24 hours later then make your adjustments. Remember small adjustments do not overdo it. Make your adjustments and test in six hours, and then repeat if necessary. Do not test immediately after putting chemicals in your pool, you should wait at least six to eight hours before testing.

Always keep safety in mind when installing chemicals, never put chemicals in all at the same time. Chemicals should be installed four to six hours apart. Never put calcium hydrochloride in a chlorinator especially with other chemicals such as Tri-cor or other types of chlorine tablets, this could cause an explosion. Never put chlorine shock in a skimmer as this will damage the internal parts of your filter.

It is best to shock your pool late on Sunday as it is most likely nobody will be swimming for at least 24 hours which is the recommended time to swim after shocking. Shocking your pool should only be done at dusk, this will give the shock time to take affect before the sun comes out. Install any algae inhibitors at least four hours before shocking this will give you the greatest affect.
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