Tips on Vacuuming a Swimming Pool Properly

by Pool Builders on 03-08-2010 in Articles

A lot of people ask this question: How can I vacuum my Swimming pool and how frequently should I do it?

Well the answer is simple; you should vacuum your swimming pool as frequently as you believe, if you vacuum your pool once a week then that's good enough. Generally, if a swimming pool is in use a lot then it requires less vacuuming. It's that simple. Usually people in Hemet, California love to vacuum their swimming pool on a pleasant hot summer day when the sun is shining nice and bright. A lot of people use automatic pool cleaners to vacuum their pool and that is fine. It will do the job for you, but every once in a while, manual vacuuming is also good for your pool.

Here are a few tips on how to vacuum your pool properly and these tips apply to both Above ground and In-Ground Swimming pools.

1. If your swimming pool is fully operational, make sure that the port your will be using to vacuum is properly selected for the valve that comes on the suction row in the pump. The port is either low suction fitting or skimmer.

2. Connect the head of the vacuum and hosepipe of the vacuum properly. The hosepipes that are good in quality will have a rotating end with them so that they can prevent the twisting of the hosepipe. Make sure that you attach the head and the hosepipe properly otherwise the vacuum pump will leak air and not function properly.

3. Check that the hosepipe and the vacuum head are connected properly with the pole. Use clamps if they are not connected properly.

4. Stick one side of the pole outside the water and place the rest of the equipment (pole, hosepipe and head) into the deep edge of the pool.

5. Grab the unattached edge of the vacuum hosepipe and grip in front of the fittings. This will stop the fastening of the vacuum pump with the air from the hosepipe and fill up the hosepipe with the water. Head of the vacuum with automatically bubble up to the face of the water giving you the indication that there is enough water!

6. Place your hand on top of the hosepipe so that the water stays in.

7. Put the skimmer adapter above the basket. Basket should always be used so that larger objects do not get trapped in the underground line or the skimmer.

8. If you are vacuuming using devoted vacuum lines or lower sucking with basket, then to prevent blockage of the hoses and lines, use a leaf trap.

9. You will observe a rapid change in the filter activity after you attach the hosepipe on the adapter fitting. That's perfectly normal and nothing to worry about. The filter adjusts itself to the new change. The system will become normal again after 30-90 seconds.

10. It is important that you vacuum all the sides and the floor of the swimming pool. The bacteria and algae settle down the pool to vacuum the floor of the pool properly.

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