Tips to Clean Your Swimming Pool After the Cover Falls In  

by Pool Builders on 02-26-2012 in Articles

Swimming pool covers help to keep commercial swimming pools Toronto, Ontario, Canada safe and clean when they are not in use. But, if the cover is not securely fastened, it can fall in to the pool. When this happens, it can be a tricky chore to clean and service the pool. The following are easy and simple cleaning tips when the cover falls in to your swimming pool.

Remove debris

The first step is to take out any and all of the debris that might be on the cover. You can use a net pole or rake to remove dirt and leaves. It will be easier to remove the cover from the pool if you take out the debris. This also ensures that the water is not contaminated with the debris. After all the debris has been removed, you can take the cover out of the pool. It is a good idea to regularly clear the debris off of the covers of commercial swimming pools Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Damage inspection

After you take the cover out of the swimming pool, you must carefully examine it for any signs of damage such as rips or tears. If it is damaged, you will have to replace or repair it immediately. If you have purchased the cover from a reputed company, you can use the warranty card for easy replacement. If the cover is not damaged, you must wipe it clean and set it aside to dry. It is better if the cover is placed outside in the sunlight as this will ensure that it will get completely dry. In the summer, you can fold and store it in a cool and dry place.

Water and floor

Once the pool cover has been taken out and cleaned, you must consider cleaning the water and the interiors of the pool. If a lot of debris has fallen into the water, use the rake or net pole to remove as much of the foreign substances as you can. Then, you must carry out a thorough cleaning of the pool interiors such as its floor and side-walls. You can use a vacuum for cleaning the floor and brush the side-walls to get rid of the dirt or grime. If a lot of debris has fallen into the pool, you may have to drain the pool to clean it properly. This is the fastest way to clean pools especially commercial swimming pools Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Chemicals and water level

When you clean the pool, the water level can change which will also alter its chemistry. The water in the swimming pool contains various chemicals such as chlorine and algaecide to maintain its hygiene. A slight imbalance of these chemicals can make the water a serious health-hazard. Call a professional pool cleaning service to ensure that the water in your pool is safe and has the adequate amount of chemicals.

If and when your pool cover falls into the pool, you can follow these simple cleaning tips. In the case of commercial swimming pools Toronto, Ontario, Canada, it will be a good idea to hire a professional pool cleaning company to ensure regular pool maintenance.

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