Tips to Clean a Pool With a Pool Pump

by Pool Builders on 08-29-2010 in Articles

If you have swimming pool, you must vacuum it regularly. This will keep the water in it always safe for you and your family. You will find that most pools are built with filtration system to give the owner easiness when cleaning the pool. You will find that the filtration system consists of filter, pool pump and motor.

Mostly, pool pumps come with sand filters. You will find that the setting of the pump will determine the performance of the pump. Two common settings in vacuum pump are "vacuuming to waste" and "vacuuming to filter".

Vacuuming to Waste
In this setting, there are some things that you should do when you want to make the device works. The first thing you should do is to flip on the switch that you can find on the pool's control panel. This is done in order to turn off the pump.

Then, you should press the dial valve handle on the top part of the filter in the pool pump. Rotate the handle to the "waste" setting. You have to make sure it is set in the correct setting.

After that, you should flip on the control panel of the pool. In "waste" setting, you will find that the water is pulled out of the pool through the vacuum to the backwash line or hose. Then, you should rotate the dial valve back to the default setting after vacuuming. The default setting is the "Circulate" setting or "Filter" setting depending on the pool that you have.

Vacuum to Filter
Firstly, you should turn your pump off. Then, switch on the pool's control panel. This will turn the pump off. As the same step in previous step, you should rotate it to the "filter" setting. You have to make sure that it is firmly in its place. This will clean the pool through the filter.

Now, you can vacuum your pool properly. Thus, you will be able to make your pool always clean. Make sure that you do those things correctly.

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