Tips to Get Great Supplies to Keep the Pool in Good Order

by Pool Builders on 03-28-2010 in Articles

The problem with a lot of homes these days is that pool supplies are so many and varied, and with different qualities and prices for each one, it is hard to know which ones are the best in any particular case. Pool cleaners come in many forms from the 'robot' that crawls on the bottom to chemicals that have to be added to the water so how do we know which one is best for us and our particular needs?

Of course these kinds of robots have been around for quite some time, but usually these were only for those people with mega money to spend. Nowadays though, these wonderful little machines can be bought for around one thousand dollars and they save on energy and chemicals too.

But there is more to keeping water crystal clear than just dumping in chemicals every now and then. Health of the swimmers must be on the top of the list for safety reasons so choosing the right combination of goods to keep the water looking and feeling good must be a high priority.

Many people these days shy away from using harsh chemicals since a lot of people have reported bad reactions to the chemicals. If not used in the correct quantities skin and eye problems will be felt, particularly amongst the young and more vulnerable swimmers.

Because of these chemicals, a lot of swimmers have turned to salt chlorinators to keep the water clean and fresh. Their immediate reaction is that the water feels softer and they no longer have itchy skin or eyes. This must be a huge plus point and the cost is kept to a minimum too.

Salt chlorinators these days come with all kinds of sensors so that they themselves control how much salt is in the water at any one time. They also have automatic reverse flow so that there is no build up on the cells. This surely is the easiest way for any water to be kept clean and fresh without constant monitoring by the homeowner.

One other great aspect about most of these chlorinators is that they can be installed by even the most simple of do it yourself people. All that is needed is a screwdriver and a drill and the system can be up and working in no time at all.

Of course, for the 'green people' amongst us, having a heater for the water that runs off solar power is an absolute must. Not only does this save on natural resources, once bought, it also saves on running costs too. Indeed, this is probably the only acceptable way of heating and cleaning the water for many and it is virtually maintenance free.

Therefore, it is clear then that there is now no longer any need to be using harmful chemicals in the water whether it is for swimming or for spa type settings. Going back to nature with solar and salt systems must be the best way for heating and cleaning any kind of water and should be utilized forthwith.

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