Tips to Help You Install a Solar Heater in Your Pool

by Pool Builders on 03-14-2011 in Articles

One of the most economical heaters you can install in your swimming pool is solar heaters. Most people prefer using solar heaters in their pool because the close relation between swimming weather and sunshine. When you use heaters to warm your pool, make sure you cover the pool water with a plastic blanket. These blankets are usually made of thick polyethylene that prevents heat loss. Since these plastic blankets are transparent they allow sunlight to warm the pool water but prevents the water from evaporating. When you use a plastic cover the temperature of the pool water can rise by over 10 degree Fahrenheit in summers. Using plastic sheets will not only help in keeping the pool water warm but will also help in reducing energy bills.

If you are planning to buy a full-fledged solar heater for you pool, you can approach a pool supply store and solar equipment dealer. Solar heaters don't use electricity or gas to heat the pool but use sunlight to keep the pool warm. In summers, you can heat the pool water by up to 75 degree Fahrenheit by using solar heaters. In winters, you can use the heaters to pre-heat the water before you use gas or electric heaters. This will help in conversing energy and reducing your monthly expenses.

Usually most pool filtration systems have the basic plumbing required to circulate water through the collector panels. To operate the machine, you must attach the heating loop to the pipes of the filtration system. Make sure you attach the loop before the conventional heater but after the filter.

The one-way check valve that is installed in the filtration system prevents the water from entering the filter from collectors that is placed above the filter. You will have to install the thermostat controlled gate valve that will allow the water to bypass the heater when the desired temperature is reached. Most pools have powerful pumps that can circulate water through the solar panels. However, some manufacturers may require you to fix larger pumps to operate the heater.

The solar panels used for heating the pool water are usually lighter and much easier to install than the panels that are made for hot-water system. Most manufacturers use copper or molded plastic sheets that have channels which are used to circulate water. It is a good idea to install these panels on your roof and orient them towards the sun.

When buying a collector panel, make sure the total area of the panel is at least half the area of the pool. Using PVC pipes, fitting and valves will help in easing the process of installation. Make sure you buy PVC pipes that are designed for outdoor use as they can easily withstand prolonged exposure to direct sunlight. If you use PVC pipes that are meant for indoor use, they get damaged easily. If you have indoor PVC pipe that you plan to use in your heating system, make sure you paint them before you use them.

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