Tips to Improve Your Swim Training

by Pool Builders on 09-18-2010 in Articles

If you really want to get faster in the swim pool, and become an accomplished swimmer there are three concepts that you need to apply to your swim training. They are conditioning, training outside the water, and goal setting. I will explain each of these concepts, and how you can use them to have a better training session.

Training in the pool is no different then training for any other sport but you need to have the proper conditioning to practice correctly. Conditioning is how well your body is in shape. As a swimmer conditioning is very important, because your body has to be in shape to abstain the training that goes into the pool. This also means that the more weight you have on your body the slower you will go in the water. As a rule of thumb when you practice you burn up calories and burn the fat off. This is true but you also want to work on different aspects of conditioning. This could be weight training to build up your muscles, or this could also mean conditioning your body to hold your breathe which is a vital part to swim training.Conditioning is a very serious part to your training regime. When you've mastered conditioning your ready to start your training outside the water.

As a former swimmer an important part of your training is based outside the water.The training that you do outside the water usually consist of cardio workouts so your body can adjust itself to working out in the water. Avery important part of this training is running. Running not only builds up your cardio it also builds up your stamina. Running also prepares you mentally, and you need to be mentally strong to train in a pool. Another important cardio workout for swimming is using a jump rope. This also builds up strength in your legs and as any swimmer knows you need your legs to move. Sit-ups and push-ups are very important in your out of water training also. There's a lot of aspects that go into your training but the most important may not have to do with your body at all.

You can have all the conditioning in the world, and train as much as you want but you need to set goals. Setting goals is very important, because as you reach different levels in your training you need know where you want to go with your training. Setting goals is very important and very easy to overlook. You need to establish your goals on a periodic basis. One good way to do this is to write those goals down on paper. Now you have transferred those goals on paper they are real and they are viable. Not to mention you can look and those goals everyday whenever you want. Writing down your goals is a very powerful tool, because your goals are a reality.

Proper conditioning makes for better practices and it keeps you in shape and ready to go. Training outside the water is very important because you can accomplish just as much outside the water as in the water. Set your goals and write them down so you don't lose your focus. Take all these concepts and apply these to your swim training, and hopefully you have success outside and underneath the water.

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