Tips to Keep Your Pool in Prime Condition  

by Pool Builders on 04-24-2014 in Articles

Swimming pool maintenance and safety go hand in hand. An enthusiast swimmer knows the value of swimming in a clean and hygienic pool. For pool owners, saving up on pool cleaning and repair services can be easily achieved by putting a few tips to use. If you account for the same segment, here are simple tips to help you through!

Tip#1 Clean the Filter Regularly

The swimming pool has numerous filters in the water filtration system which includes the skimmer basket, the sand filters and the water pump filter. All these filters serve a purpose and need to be cleaned regularly to ensure that they function smoothly. Plugged filters can cause algae growth and water circulation problems, keep them clean!

Tip #2 Keep the pH Level Balanced

Monitoring the pH level of the pool water and making an effort to keep it balanced is an essential for swimming pool maintenance. Remember that the level needs to be between 7.4 and 7.6. Doing so would help the chlorine to work effectively and keep the water sanitized.

Tip #3 Regular Brushing of the Pool

The wall, floor and steps of the pool need to be cleaned regularly. As the still water can easily allow bacteria, dirt and debris to settle in the pool, brushing would remove them break their patterns and make cleaning treatments way more effective. If you notice any kind of cracks or shaded areas, brush them more thoroughly.

Tip #4 Maintain the Chlorine Level

Chlorine levels are measured in parts-per-million (ppm) and for swimming pools the ideal chorine level to be maintained is 2ppm. Check on the chlorine level once a day especially in the summer months and before you use the pool. It would keep your pool sanitized properly and keep your hands clean off a lot of trouble that can cost heavily later in terms of pool cleaning and repair services.

Tip #5 Keep the Pool Debris Free

The pool can often accumulate leaves or other debris. Remove them regularly to ensure the pool retains its natural transparency and always gives that inviting feeling. After all, the pool is best when it is crystal clear only.

Apply the cleaning product by properly evaluating the pool water. During heavy rain or severe winds, the pool would need added attention for cleaning and re-adjusting the water balance. If regular checks seem to be charging you on the time taken, hiring a pool cleaning and repair services company would be a much better option to choose.

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