Tips to Learn Swimming Safely

by Pool Builders on 08-09-2010 in Articles

Although swimming is a very easy task for most of people, some people may feel it is difficult to do. Learning to swim is never too late although you are an adult. Swimming in the pool or ocean can be so much fun. You can start to learn from the basic stroke which is really simple to practice. Just follow some tips below to learn swimming safely.

Before you start to learn swimming, the first thing that you have to do is to be comfortable in the pool or water. If you want to swim on the beach, you need to choose the location that has no waves and the depth is fairly even. Considering your safety, it would be better if you start swimming in the location with a life guard. Or, you can ask your friend who experts in swimming to accompany you and give notice if you get trouble.

The second thing that you should do is to go deeper until the water is almost up to your head. It will help you to know the way your body works while you are underwater. Besides, you will also know that you are able to instantly feel secure to put down your feet. It is also suggested for you to practice walking on the water and also moving your body in different ways.

Thirdly, it is important for you to prepare your face or head to be submerged by practicing to hold your breath, close your eyes, and put your face in the water. By wearing goggles, you will get the more comfortable experience since they allow you to open your eyes under water. You also need to be careful when breathing on the water because it can cause to get the water up your nose. Just make sure that you take a deep breath before you go deeper under water. After you feel comfortable with your face in the water, you can start to bend your knees and then dunk your whole head. When you are underwater, you can try to breathe out and come up in time to breathe in.

Fourthly, you can start to practice floating by relaxing your body and holding your breath. You will feel that your feet are going to come up and your head is going to bend down into the water. This is actually a very good position for you to practice. It is because you can float on the water for quite long time like this.

Fifthly, after you feel comfortable to float, now you can start to move your arms and legs without touching the ground. This way you can see that you are able to push forward. Finally, you have to quickly kick your legs up and down so that you will move forward more strongly. So, now you are ready to swim.

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