Tips to Maintain Your Pool

by Pool Builders on 03-19-2012 in Articles

Pools are one of the best places to spend the leisure hours joyfully and beneficially. Almost all the activities such as swimming, doing aerobic moves and normal playing that you perform in pool can help you in reducing your excessive weight in time. Physicians also recommend people to indulge in aerobic exercises to maintain a healthy body. People can keep most of the health problems such as diabetes, heart attack, stroke and high blood pressure under control through swimming and other aerobic exercises.

Due to its wide range of benefits, pools are constructed in most of the houses. Remember, when the pool is cleaned on regular basis and maintained properly, you can save a lot on maintenance cost. So, some simple maintenance process must be carried out regularly to avoid unwanted emergency problems such as skin allergy, bacterial infection and more. When constructing pool, make use of branded pool supplies to avoid unnecessary maintenance and repair.

Here are some simple tips that might assist you in maintaining the pools properly:

Clean the pool filters:

You need to check out the pool filters on regular basis because it is responsible for maintaining the quality of the water. Most of the pollutants are filtered out effectively by filter cartridges properly. So, you need to clean the filters on regular basis to enhance the performance of the pump. Pollutants and unwanted substances that are not filtered out can accumulate in the pool pumps, so it is important to keep the filter in good working condition.

Clean the pump:

Small particles such as hair and other substances from the pool pump every week to enhance its pumping ability. Don't forget to switch off the pump while cleaning.

Drain and clean the pool surface:

You must also drain the water to some extent and clean the surface areas to avoid growth of algae and bacterial infection which can cause skin allergy and eye problems while performing water activities.

Remove unwanted substances from the pool:

Unwanted substances must be cleaned regularly through brushing or vacuuming.

Replace the filters:

If you water quality is low, you need to replace the existing with new one. When you choose pool or hot tub spa parts, check out its quality to determine its capacity. Low quality filters may not be able to filter out the pollutants properly and you might have to spend more money for purchasing a new one.

These are some simple steps that might assist you in maintaining your pool effectively.

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