Tips to Maintain a Swimming Pool

by Pool Builders on 02-08-2011 in Articles

If you enjoy swimming in the residential pool with your family, you can follow these tips to get the most enjoyable swimming pool. Any outdoor activities can be done in the garden or near the pool.

Don't you want to have enjoyable summer time? Commonly we have barbecues and pool parties in the summer time to enjoy the spare time with family or neighbors. It is really great to have such enjoyable and memorable time.

If you wish to enjoy your spare time in the swimming pool, you can do maintenance to be able to have a great pool for your family. You have to do basic maintenance regularly to bring the most benefits. You have to take care all of the possibilities before any problem can occur.

To cover the screw heads in the pool you can use clear nail polish or clear lacquer. It is to prevent scratches and also corrosion.

Leak on skimmer can cause corrosion to the wall and it can also cause split. It is very important to pay attention on this especially if your pool is not covered with warranty. After it is filled with water, you should not make structural changes or else, there will be disassemble or structural changes. The changes can also cause injury or damage to the property.

Water movement and sanitizer must be considered as well. Bacteria and other microorganisms can grow faster in stagnant water. That is why it is very recommended to prevent the growth of bacteria and microorganisms. Sanitizer can be used to prevent the growth of microorganisms as well as the growth of bacteria. Commonly the sanitizers used are chlorine or bromine based compounds. The sanitizers should be added routinely to prevent the growth of bacteria and microorganisms.

If the water is still cloudy after you give sanitizer in high level, you should clean the filter or change it with the new one. You can also use pool vacuum cleaner for the best cleaning result. It can do the job more efficient than cleaning manually.

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