Tips to Teach a Child to Swim

by Pool Builders on 07-20-2010 in Articles

If you have a child that wants to learn swimming, there are several ways that you need to concern when you want to teach him. By planning a simple lesson that is combined with support and patience, it will be the right approach for teaching your child to swim. If you want to know some easy steps to teach a child to swim, you can simply check out the following tips that will ensure him to be safe and enjoy the time at pool.

The first step is to hold your child under the armpits and then walk him around in water in order to develop the comfort feeling in the aquatic environment. You have to make the lesson to be more fun by smiling and telling that the pool is interesting.

The second step is to get your child to kick his leg. You need to have him holding onto the side of the pool so that you will be easier to guide his legs. After that, you can do it by using your hands under his armpits in a way to develop the motion feeling. If you teach an older child, you can use a kickboard.

The third step is to blow the bubbles in water with your child when he is kicking for getting him used to put his face in the water. Moreover, you can gradually start to dunk him down for practicing to hold his breath. Then, you have to accompany your child underwater and you can play the games underwater to get him to open his eyes.

The fourth step is that you have to give your child a support around his chest or waist and start to have him stroke with his arms. Besides, you also need to demonstrate the motion of yourself, and then guide his arms. After that, you can let your child to do it on his own while you still have to support him in the water. You need to have him to keep kicking.

Lastly, for the first practice, you can have your child to swim in a short distance. After he can perfectly practice, you can have him to swim in longer distance.

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