Tips to Use Pool Vacuum

by Pool Builders on 08-30-2010 in Articles

Having a pool will make you do the maintenance in order to keep the pool always beautiful. The maintenance that you should do includes emptying skimmer, pump baskets, and chemical balance. You should also vacuum the debris and leaves in it. If you do not know how to use the pool vacuum to clean your pool, the following tips will be very helpful.

In a pool vacuum, there are three main parts that you should know. They are the vacuum head, the pole and the hose. In this case, you have to make sure that the size and the material of each part of the pool vacuum will give you what you need. So, you can use the device properly.

You will find that the source power of your pool vacuum is a pump. This device also has filter system to clean the debris. In this case, you should attach the head of the vacuum to the pole. Also, you have to attach the end of the hose to the end of the pool vacuum. When you want to use this device, you should place the device in the pool and hold the hose and the loose. Make sure that all parts of the hose are submerged and filled with pool water. You will find that this will make the hose away from air-lock. And then, you should use the skimmer to skim-vac. And then, you should hook the other end of the hose to the skim-vac.

Then, you should turn the pump on to filter. You will be able to remove all debris. Additionally, you should watch the pressure of the filter on the gauge. Shut the pump is the pressure exceeds 8-10 PPI. Then you should turn the backwash to make the water clean. After that, you should stop the vacuum setting and you should back to the filter setting.

After you have finished with vacuuming your pool, you can remove your pool vacuum from the pool. After that, rinse the pool and you will have a very nice pool for you and your family to swim. By rinsing it, you will have clean pool that is free from algae and other unsafe things.

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