To Buy a Swimming Pool Heater Or Not?

by Pool Builders on 06-23-2008 in Articles

The one thing I regret about my inground swimming pool decisions is buying a heater.

I live in SC so the summers are fairly long and warm, but not quite like those in Florida, for instance.

Since my family loves to swim, we went with the swimming pool heater installation so the swimming season could be extended. (this was a number of years ago)

Unfortunately, we only used the heater once because of its expense to warm the water. Here are the facts of why this swimming pool heater was a bad decision.

The initial cost was $2000, many years ago. Now it is probably $2500 or more. (Price also depends on the size of the swimming pool you have.)

Heating the water cost about $10 (or more) an hour for every hour you run the heater. (and this $10 was years ago long before the price of oil started sky rocketing.) The pool water temperature will only rise a few degrees an hour. A guesstimate then would be to raise the pool temperature 10 deg would cost you about $75 to $85 dollars. (Now in the year 2008, this cost is probably close to $100 or more, even)

At most you would use the heater maybe once or twice in the Spring and then again maybe the same amount of time in the Fall. This simply isn't worth the expense. (However, if money is no concern, you can use the heater to warm your swimming pool all year round.)

On top of all this, the gas company will be requiring that you 'rent' their gas meter since they will probably put a separate one on your pool. This will be a recurring monthly rental fee of at least $7.50 for the life of your pool - even if you never run the heater.

I think you can see that unless you are really an avid swimmer, who has money to burn (literally) that the purchase of a swimming pool heater is not the best choice you can make.

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