Todays Swimming Pools - Examine All Your Options  

by Pool Builders on 06-27-2008 in Articles

If you are considering having a swimming pool installed at your home or place of business then you may want to consider the multitudes of options that are currently available, prior to making any final decisions. While many people in the past tended to gravitate immediately towards a standard built in pool as their first choice, there are now new economic realities that must be considered. In short, they are now more expensive then they have ever been before and can easily cost upwards of $100,000.

A Far More Popular Choice

At the same time, todays above ground swimming pools, while having gone through a number of design design, engineering and materials advancements have still remained more affordable than ever. This is why not only are more home owners choosing this type of pool for their backyards, but so too are a growing number of businesses as well.

A Long List of Improvements

Some of the improved features that you will find on todays above ground swimming pools are submerged deep ends, including diving board and water slide features. Thicker, newly redesigned faux tile, pebble and "tropical lagoon" pool liners are another of the latest new improvements to also be added to this long list of upgrades. They come in an ever increasing choice of styles and are truly amazing in the way they they capture the essence of realism.

Install it Yourself and Save a Bundle

Todays prefabricated above ground swimming pools are also much more easy to install. In fact, they have been re engineered and simplified to the point that more and more home owners are installing them themselves. All it takes now is another extra set of hands and some basic hand tools and if you are up to it, you too can save a bundle by doing the installation work yourself.

Super Affordable Pool Accessories

Pool accessories for todays above ground pools are also still highly affordable and in fact, most people are shocked to learn that they can buy a new automatic pool cleaner and water slide, both for around $100. Also, new easy to install, all natural, wood prefabricated above ground pool decks come in a wide selection of sizes and prices, from simple "step up decks" to complete wrap around styles that will last a lifetime.

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