Top 2 Tools Used For Swimming Pool Cleaning  

by Pool Builders on 12-23-2014 in Articles

Swimming pools are the greatest attraction in the beautiful homes. A good home is not complete without a great pool. But having a pool is a great responsibility. You need to be very careful about it. Swimming pool cleaning is one of the most essential tasks which you have to perform if you own a pool.
Cleaning a pool requires only a few easy steps. Summer is the time when you can enjoy your pools the most. So you need to maintain the area so that you can hold pool parties as well as spend your summer days in the pool. Whatever you do swimming pool cleaning must be one of your top priorities.
There are different ways with the help of which you can clean the swimming pool. Swimming pool cleaning is not at all a laborious job. It can be easy if you get the right tools for yourself. You just need to spend at least 4 to 8 hours every week to keep the pool clean.
You need to devote this time especially in the peak season. One of the best ways to maintain the swimming pool is with the help of a pool cover. You just need to cover the pool whenever it is not used. This can even lesson your work. Other than you also have the manual way of cleaning as well as automatic.
One of the tools that can help you in the cleaning of the pool is a leaf skimmer. This is a tool which has long handles. This tool is usually used to remove the debris. This debris is usually large sized. The next tool which you can use for pool cleaning is tile brush.
This tool is usually helpful if the walls of you pool are made up of tiles. This brush is usually a hand held tool which can efficiently remove the calcium scale. If there are some spots which cannot be removed easily use pumice stone for that. So swimming pool cleaning is quite easy. You can even use some other tools which are also available.
Tips for Pool Cleaning and Maintenance
A swimming pool is an all time favorite for many, especially when the weather is hot and humid. Using swimming pools may be very easy but the cleaning and maintaining of a swimming pool is quite tiresome. However, nothing is impossible and there are many pool cleaning and pool maintenance service centers and equipment that can help you to have a pristine and healthy pool. On the other hand, if you choose to maintain your pool on a regular basis without any assistance, here are a few valuable tips that will go a long way.
1. Pool vacuuming every week is mandatory to reduce chemicals that are added to the water. Choosing pool vacuums is easy depending on the type of pool you have. Remember to clean the filter after each vacuuming session. If you don't clean the filters regularly, then the water that enters your pool may get muddy or dirty. Ideally the filters had to be cleaned and serviced after every 50 operations.
2. The walls and sides of the pool should be carefully brushed so that algae and calcium formation is minimized. Depending on the material of the pool wall, the equipment should be selected. For instance, fiberglass and vinyl walls require soft brushes while concrete walls will require a hard brush. Muriatic acid or a pumice stone will be a great assistance.
3. Pool heaters should be maintained meticulously since calcium tends to scale up the tubes of the heater and hinder the adequate heating of the water. If this problem happens, then the assistance of a professional is the best choice since the heater may have to be dismantled and cleaned and re installed.
4. Checking the water level and maintaining that level is also important. During the swimming season, normally a lot of water gets lost due to wear and tear and also due to evaporation. You can check the water level from time to time when you are using the skimmer to remove debris from the pool. Always maintain the exact water level in the pool.

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