Top 3 Steps To CLEAN Not Green Above Ground Swimming Pool Water

by Pool Builders on 02-29-2008 in Articles

A major problem for all Above Ground pool owners every year is Green Water. The onset of Cloudy or Green water can take the fun out of the summer swimming time very quickly. All you know is that just days ago when you first filled your pool, the water was crystal clear and clean, but now you can barley see the bottom as the water has changed to a nice Avocado Green. What do you do? Yes you could dump it all out and start over, but depending on the size of the pool, this can be quite costly as water is not cheap. The answer is in an ounce of prevention. Understanding the maintenance of the water is essential to clear water all summer long, the following are the things you must control on a regular schedule in order to have Clear, Clean Above Ground swimming water in your pools.

Step # 1: Test the Water Weekly:

You must maintain the correct balance of chemicals in your pool water, mainly PH balance and Chlorine levels. This can easily be accomplished with an inexpensive Pool Test kit. Kits with test strips or tablets are the easiest to use and offer the fastest way to get readings on your water.

PH balance is the measure of how acidic or alkaline your water. A PH number below 7.0 indicates your water is acidic. Above 7.0 says your water is alkaline based. Since your eyes hold a PH level of between 7.2-7.3, that is the number you are after when it comes to the PH. That level would be perfect, but if not perfect, any level between 7.0 and 7.5 should be just fine. Pool water which is too acidic will lead to burning eyes, dry skin and lost of color to that favorite bathing suit of yours. Acidic water will also put a strain on the durability of the pool as it slowly eats it away. High alkaline readings will also lead to burning eyes and cloud the water like a milk shake. Balance the water, and you are well on your way to clear swimming.

Chlorine is also a balancing act. Too much and your eyes are still burning, too little and the little Green plants we call Algae are sure to be present. Remember, Chlorine is a sterilizer and many have decided that it is a needed element to the pool, while others are choosing to do without as it has been linked to carcinogens. If you choose to use it, try to maintain a measured level of only 1.0 to 3.0 ppm (parts per million). Any Algae will die with concentrations as low as 0.05 ppm, so even at very low levels, if will insure the non-green affect.

Step # 2: Insure your Filter Pump is Adequate and in Working Condition

Constant filtration is a must. It makes since that the little floaties which enter your swimming pool from kids, falling debris, and bacteria must be removed in order for the water to remain clean and clear. Your filter pump must be maintained as a Priority. Check to insure that you have the right pump for moving at least the equivalent 100% of the water through the filter every 4-5 hours. This is probably the normal time that the pool will be in operation. Insure that all of the hose attachments are snug and without leakage. A little lubricant like Vaseline(TM) always helps to insure a long lfe for your hoses right at the connection points. Make sure you have plenty of filter material on hand as you should change it out every 2 weeks, depending on how often the kids and you are in the Above Ground Swimming Pool. Always have your filter pump plugged into a GFCI receptacle for your own safety and for the life of this unit. An ounce of prevention, remember.

Step # 3: Invest in a Pool Cover

It is amazing how many people make the investment in their Above Ground Swimming Pools and forget the key element in its cleanliness-Get a Cover! The pool cover will absolutely save you hours upon hours of time in your cleaning regimen. Most of the falling and blown debris you find in your pool enters while you are not in it. It's just how it is. By having the proper size cover attached anytime the pool is not being used for swimming, will reduce the amount of debris in the pool, thus helping your pump filter system out of having to work at max capacity everyday.

Pay attention to 3 items to insure Clean not Green Above Ground Swimming Pool Water:

1) Take care of the water by testing and keeping PH and Chlorine levels balanced

2) Take care of your filter pump with a little maintenance so it works the way it was intended to and removes all of the pools floaties and debris

3) Invest in a good pool cover unless you live in a bubble

Remember. Your Summer Swimming Activities are depending on your to maintain Crystal Clear water as no one wants to splash in a bowl of Split Pea Soup. Enjoy the summer in clear water!

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