Top 3 Swimming Workouts for Beginners

by Pool Builders on 09-15-2011 in Articles

Are you looking for swimming workouts for beginners? If, like me, you can not bear the embarrassment of taking swimming lessons at your local pool amongst much younger and fitter individuals then this article is most definitely for you!

I have to confess at this point that I am by no means an expert, I am merely passing on my experience of swimming pool workouts and the experience of others who have helped me to become a confident and competent swimmer.

This article makes the assumption that you are already able to propel yourself through the water and outlines what I consider to be the top three beginner swimming workouts that helped me to improve my swimming technique.

1. Swimming on your side

Balancing in the water is probably the most important thing to get right early on. If you feel out of breath after one length, it is likely that your body position is incorrect and all your energy is being used up trying to balance yourself in the water.

Swimming on your side is one of the best swimming pool workouts as it helps strengthen your core muscles and also helps to improve your balance in the water.

For this workout, you only need to kick your legs. You may also want to use fins to begin with, as this will make it easier for you to concentrate on getting the technique correct. Begin by kicking off the wall, and stretching one arm out above your head whilst keeping your other arm flat against your side. Your body will naturally roll to the side. Now kick for five seconds. Once you have counted out the seconds in your head, you need to simultaneously bring your outstretched arm back to your side and stretch the other one out above you head. Your body will naturally roll to the other side. Again, kick for 5 seconds.

You can repeat this until you reach the end of the pool, swapping arms every 5 seconds. It is important that you concentrate on keeping your head still and your hips floating, otherwise you will roll onto your back or sink.

2. Dead Man's Float

This is a good swimming workout to improve your body position in the water, decreasing the amount of resistance - enabling you to swim further, quicker.

For this drill, you need to be in the deep end of the pool. Now take a deep breath and put your face in the water whilst relaxing your arms and legs - allowing them to sink. Don't worry, the oxygen in your lungs will keep the rest of you afloat!

Once you are fully relaxed and your limbs have settled, slowly bring them back up to just below the surface of the water. Do not break the surface of the water though, they should be at a slight angle pointing towards the bottom of the pool. You also need to keep your head relaxed and be looking directly at the bottom of the pool, with your chin touching your chest.

Next, slowly reach out as if you are stretching your arms - what you will find is that your legs will start to raise themselves towards the surface. This is your most efficient body position for swimming, as you are floating without expending any energy.

It is important to repeat this exercise three times before you begin swimming lengths. As with anything practice makes perfect, so don't expect to "get it" straight away, it will take time and patience.

3. Breathing technique

Breathing is an area that everyone struggles with when they begin swimming. It is important to learn how to breathe properly and practice this in the pool.To breathe properly, consider the following points:

  • Breathe out under water - a common mistake beginners make is to exhale immediately before inhaling. You should inhale and then exhale underwater. This will help relax you more and will help you to swim more lengths.
  • Do not lift your head out of the water when breathing - when inhaling, you should rotate your head to the side. Many beginners make the mistake of lifting their heads out of the water as well. This will have a negative impact upon you body position and balance.
  • Keep you head still - when you are breathing out under water, keep your head still as it will affect your balance and body position.

Practice, practice, practice

The above three drills will help to improve your swimming technique, but it will take time. Do not expect results straight away. You will only feel a noticeable improvement in time. These drills are used to help you find the most efficient body position for swimming and can be introduced into you swimming workouts to help improve you swimming technique.

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