Top 4 Trex Decking Problems  

by Pool Builders on 07-16-2012 in Articles

Manual transmissions offer vehicle owners the chance to enjoy a longer service life, greater control over vehicle operation as well as the chance to enjoy a higher degree of fuel efficiency. Manual transmissions are not without their issues, and with a greater understanding of both their operation and the signs that they may be in need of maintenance, any driver can get the most from their Trex Decking was considered a trailblazer of wood decks. It conquered the market as soon as it came out commercially. The hype created was due to the advertising campaign. It was said that Trex decking would last an eternity and that it would be able to withstand the harsh elements of outdoors. It was popularly used for pool decks and other outdoor applications. It was only through the passage of time that the real quality of the product came to be tested when several Trex decking problems arose. The following are the top complaints of those who used the decking material.

Common Trex Decking Problems

1. Mold

It was touted as a wise synthetic substitute for wood. It was marketed as a material that would not deteriorate from constant use, unlike its wooden counterpart. Unfortunately, the texture of this artificial alternative was a perfect breeding ground for several varieties of mold and mildew that included toxic specie. Other than making the finish marked with blemishes, it also carried the potential to spread diseases. This topped the list of Trex decking problems and caused several customers to file a class action against the manufacturer.

2. Decomposition

Another major problem customers faced was the fact that the advertisements spoke falsely of the product. Trex decking was advertised to be indestructible. Unfortunately, there have been reports that not only did the decking material not last long but actually deteriorated at quite a fast pace. These reports did not even only involve unsightly peeling of the coating but complaints included complete structural deterioration.

3. Replacement

Decks made from ordinary wood can be maintained and prevented from rotting and wearing out through the application of a particular wood stain solution. There is no such preventive maintenance for Trex Decking. Many buyers were enticed by the thought that it was a better choice if it needed no maintenance measures. Disappointment came fast when they saw that as soon as the peeling started, there was no turning back. The damage was irreversible and the only thing left to do was for the deck to be rebuilt from scratch.

4. Stains

Because it was touted as a maintenance free decking material, many easily decided to use it. They thought that it would a breeze keeping the decking material in its pristine condition. Unknown to them, the material would require them to constantly keep watch that no debris should land and allowed to sit on the decking material for even just a short period. Ordinary outdoor dirt and debris such as leaves and wood particles would easily cause staining.

The installation process of a deck is a cumbersome process. The trouble of going through the construction is only made worth it if the material would last long enough for it to be enjoyed by the owner. It becomes really frustrating when you trust a material to solve maintenance issues for you only to end up being a really poor choice and giving you more headaches than ordinary wood. Some people have resorted to replacing their Trex decking with conventional wood. Wood may require some effort in maintaining a good condition, but it did not give Trex decking problems that might require a total overhaul.

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