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Who also did not want to eat at the table with famous actor starring John McClane in the Die Hard film series?... Yeah right Bruce Willis!!
It is somewhat impossible, but also not an impossible thing.

Believe it not?... Although I could not eat the same table, but now you can feel sitting in a chair ex Bruce Willis. Not only his chair, even you can also enjoy sleeping on a mattress 59-year-old man. If you want to feel it is not difficult, simply by buying the home of Bruce Willis. Because the Hollywood actor's luxury home tesebut now been sold.

Not only Bruce Willis, a number of other celebrities were also sold his house, call Betty Grable, Ivana Trump, John Paul Jones, and Tom Hanks. Want to know who is world famous celebrity who was selling his house? The following names;

Bruce Willis

Since occupied in 2004, known luxury homes belonging Bruce occupied with his wife (Emma) has been twice in the renovation. This man is very in the know meticulous in terms of beauty and interior fittings at their house, then do not be surprised if in the area home Bruce became one of the most expensive residential.

According to reports, the house was sold for USD 16.5 million or Rp. 193 billion. Quoted from Female, two-storey house belonging to Bruce, located in Beverly Hills is equipped with five bedrooms, large garden, swimming pool and a tennis court.

John Paul Jones

The house, named Warren House is built on a land area of 11.6 hectares. The house is located in Crowborough, East Sussex, England, is has six bedrooms, a tennis court and swimming pool plus Ashdown forest scenery and countryside.

Georgian house built by the aristocracy in the 18th century, the Countess Castle-Stewart has been listed as Grade II properties in the UK. The house is now owned by a family of Greek origin.

Bass player of the legendary rock group Led Zeppelin's John Paul Jones the first ever live on Warren House, after John Paul Jones, is also home once owned by a teen idol in the UK and the 1960 film star, who died in 2003, Adam Faith.

Estate agents, Chesterton Humberts said "This is a magnificent house surrounded by beautiful gardens and looks magnificent views from the top of Ashdown Forest". Humberts added, the mansion was designed very impressive both inside and on the outside.

Betty Grable

The house that once inhabited the legendary Hollywood star, Betty Grable, reportedly sold for $ 13.295 million or equivalent RP. 156.5 billion. According to the agency Hilton & Hyland Farrugia, Grable home located four blocks from the Hotel Bel-Air is a very beautiful, typical houses in the residential complex of luxurious Hollywood.

After Grable, other celebrities are Jaclyn Smith, star of Charlie's Angels; and Stephen Stills, of Crosby, Stills & Nash also never occupy the house. The house is known to be sold by the owner of the brand-new, ie, a Los Angeles lawyer, Schuyler Moore. Grable house contains six bedrooms and seven bathrooms dominated wooden ornaments.

The house is also equipped with a giant tub, fireplace, swimming pool and a balcony overlooking the garden. Although classified as an old dwelling, but all the furniture in it is still well maintained.

Ivana Trump

Luxury homes are located in the coastal area, Palm Beach, Florida, this will soon be sold by Ivana Trump. According to the Daily Mail, the house was sold and the price is fantastic, which is no less than Rp.214,6 billion. Quadrupled when he bought it in 1994 with a selling price of Rp. 52.3 billion.

What makes the house that had been occupied for 20 years Ivana has become so special?

You will get a very classy occupancy at a price that is so fantastic, If the count is calculated, in which there are nine bedrooms and 13 bathrooms. Then, in one corner there is a building like an apartment.

Tom Hanks

The actor who plays in major Hollywood films like Forrest Gump and The Da Vinci Code was known was selling Spanish-style house in Pacific Palisades, Los Angeles, USA, at a price of USD 5.25 million (Rp. 51.9 billion).

The house has a large enough size, which is 584.2 m2. With an area of it, it has four bedrooms and five bathrooms. The main room in the house of 58-year-old actor has a beauty room, a fireplace, and a terrace directly overlooking the sea.

Houses built since 1929 is a very classic style. So do not be surprised if their house is filled with pillar-shaped ornaments, bows and chandeliers. Additionally, this home also with vast green gardens.

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