Top 5 North Cyprus Hotels  

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There are a few places on earth which are as delectably delightful, as they are serene and thought provoking. Very few places entice the inner artist within a person, bringing out a joy such as never experienced; a joy of creating, and becoming one with the creation. It is said that the Greek Mythological Goddess of Love, Aphrodite took birth on the shores of North Cyprus. No wonder then that this place is full of so much love and happiness, in all forms.

All of this and much more makes North Cyprus an ideal place to spend your Holidays.
But while at North Cyprus, options may bedazzle you! Here's a quick guide to the Top 5 Hotels in North Cyprus rated on the basis of amenities, gradation, cost and proximity to interesting tourist spots.

1. Malpas Hotel:
Malpas is a 5 star hotel in Kyrenia, North Cyprus and claims to be one of the best hotels in the country. Situated just 10 minutes away from Kyrenia resort centre, Malpas Hotel has 174 rooms and houses a big outdoor swimming pool, a variety of restaurants, a spa centre and a free shuttle to its sandy beach. A great value hotel which blends a lot of facility with glamour and style, this is your home if you like a bit of everything on your plate.

2. Acapulco Beach Club Hotel:
A 5 star hotel in Kyrenia, the Acapulco Beach Club Hotel is one of the best hotels in North Cyprus. Equipped with its own private beach, Acapulco lies just 8 kms away from the centre of Kyrenia, making it one of the most accessible hotels of the town.
The Acapulco Beach Club Hotel is ideal for families, with its large swimming pool, choice of restaurants, water sports and children's club. And you'd like to know that at Acapulco you are spoilt for choice, as there are over 200 well-equipped hotel rooms and 230 bungalows to choose from for your accommodation. Being spread so wide and apart, this hotel promises extraordinary peace, privacy and solitude.

3. Hideaway Club Hotel:
A fashionable 4 star hotel near Kyrenia, the Hideaway Club Hotel is particularly famed for its hospitality, forcing guests to visit this place again and again each year. Hideaway Club Hotel is a place to look for if you wish to stay away from the crowds and rush, since with only 31 rooms and suites in the place; so exclusivity and personal touch is something that is a sure promise.

4. Almond Holiday Village:
Almond Holiday Village is a famous 3 star hotel in Alsancak, North Cyprus. The Almond Holiday Village is an ideal sanctuary for your holiday at North Cyprus, being covered with fruit trees all around. So bask in the glory of life, as the tantalizing fragrance of blossoming fruits waft around you, as you laze around, or loiter on the beautiful beaches. With 26 villas and 7 hotel rooms, Almond Holiday village will guarantee the security of solitude. Each villa is air conditioned, with a well-equipped kitchen, a fridge, a lounge with TV and a private terrace facing the swimming pool. Staying in North Cyprus can't get better!

5. Colony Hotel:
The Colony Hotel is an elegant 5 star hotel in the heart of historic Kyrenia, North Cyprus. Lying at a few minutes walk from Kyrenia's famous harbor, the Colony Hotel will cater to every dream of yours; offering everything you need for a relaxing holiday. Facilities like a rooftop swimming pool, Wellness Centre, steam and sauna room, four restaurants, cinema nights and a casino guarantees that having fun is just the beginning. The enjoyment never ends at Colony Hotel, as it takes diligent care in providing not what you want, but what you need. And with just 94 rooms and suites, there's always space to relax without any apprehension of crowds.

Choose what suits you best and enjoy North Cyprus like never before. After all, while holidaying, your accommodation becomes your home. So live as comfortably as you will at your home, while you are at North Cyprus.

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