Top 5 Pool Pump Brands in the Market   

by Pool Builders on 10-24-2010 in Articles

Pool pumps do the heavy lifting of your pool tools. A pool pump's job is to pull water in from your pool, run it through the pool filter and push it back out again. This constant motion of your pool helps to clean it and keeps it from becoming stagnant. Finding the right pool pump for your pool is about more than just the best brand. You need to match the pump with your pool, and make sure it's going to suit your needs, such as it's compatibility with a salt water chlorinator. So, let's review the best pumps in their field:

1. Onga Pantera Pumps. Onga are Australia's most trusted brand of pool pumps and their Pantera line are in a class of their own. Onga pumps have a unique 'wet end' design, incorporating both a lip seal and specially moulded shield to protect the motor from any water damage. Onga pumps come with a standard 3-year warranty.
2. Aqua Sphere Pumps. These little high performance numbers are perfect for small to medium-sized residential pools. They've been especially designed for efficiency, able to push through a huge amount of water with minimal turbulence. They're simple to maintain, including a special ring lock and ring lock spanner for easy access and can be opened with ease for removal of any nasties that may have found their way in there. It's quiet and efficient and comes with a 2-year warranty.
3. WaterCo Supertuff. As the name suggests, this pump is super tough and a good solution for those pools with a huge water volume. The Supertuff can pump out a massive amount of water in very little time. It has a large wet end, able to catch a lot of debris and leaves should your pool be in danger of collecting anything that falls into it.
4. Cyclone Pool & Spa. Suited for small to medium-sized pools, the Cyclone is designed for a long life of service. It is compact and fits almost anywhere you need it to fit. A big feature of the Cyclone is the fact that it's corrosion resistant. Everything on the pump has been designed with durability in mind, from the UV resistant to the rust resistant.
5. Hurlcon Pool & Spa. This little pump boast a 3 hour turnaround time for a 50,000 litre pool. The body is made of one single piece of glass-reinforce thermoplastic. Corrosion resistant and high tech, this pump runs smoothly and quietly. It includes a large lint pot for easy cleaning.

It's difficult to find the right pool pump and professional advice is your best friend in this case. You're going to need to know the output required, amount of litres per minute you need and going with a trusted brand ensures that you'll be covered should anything go wrong.

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