Top 5 Reasons Why Music Can Help You Swim Faster

by Pool Builders on 09-27-2012 in Articles

There are times when I get in the pool and I simply have no motivation at all. Of course, I put in a lot of laps, but even if you are just a casual swimmer, you probably find yourself lacking the willingness to really ramp up your workouts, especially when you are tired. But, if you have never used one of the more modern underwater and waterproof MP3 players, then you are really missing out on a great experience. Here are five reasons why buying a waterproof MP3 or underwater iPod can really help you out:

1. Swimming to the beat - I find that by putting a good mix of music on my underwater MP3 player, I am able to change the speed of my stroke and I am also more willing to do different strokes. For instance, on a slower song, I may switch to backstroke and leisurely work on my hand placement, however, when a faster song comes on, I work on my kick and really try to nail my turns.

2. Increasing pace - There are some songs, and Led Zeppelin's "Stairway to Heaven", or Lynyrd Skynyrd's "Freebird" come to mind, that allow you to increase your pace as the song goes on. This can be a lot of fun to do at the end of a workout when you are really tired. Start out those long songs very slow and easy and then start to increase your pace as the song starts to pick up. You might be surprised at how long you can keep up that pace when you are swimming to the music.

3. Increase lung capacity - I have a habit of singing to songs when my mouth is underwater, and although it probably doesn't sound too good to those around me, I have noticed that I have a lot more lung capacity than I used to. I remember reading an interview with Mick Jagger years ago, who said the reason why he was so mobile on stage and could still sing was because he sang when he went out for his daily jog. By adding singing to your swimming, you will be a stronger swimmer.

4. Eliminate boredom - OK, swimming is boring sometimes, but it is less boring when you are listening to music that you like. One of the more popular MP3 players for swimmers has a shuffle feature on it so you will always be surprised by the next song that comes on. Some of these even have FM radios built into them, too.

5. Audiobooks - Few of us can imagine listening to an audiobook while you are swimming, but let me tell you - it makes the time go by fast! If you are used to swimming for a half hour or so, you will probably find that an audio book can enable you to swim for a full hour without once looking at the clock.

If you haven't used one of these underwater MP3 players in a few years, then you will be amazed at how much better they are than they used to be. Some of them will hold hundreds of songs or several audio books and they sound as good underwater as any normal MP3 player would above water. They are definitely well worth the money.

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