Top 5 Reasons to Rent Villas in Bali  

by Pool Builders on 01-19-2011 in Articles

More than 3 million people call the small island nation of Bali home. The group of sister islands in Indonesia are well known for their beauty, indigenous wildlife (including many endangered species), incredible culture, and their relatively affordable vacation packages—but the most amazing part of Indonesia are the hidden gems of Bali—rental villas.

Villa rentals Bali are almost a highly guarded secret amongst those who have visited and rented their own private villas—they don't want to share their tropical secret with anyone else, they want to keep it all to themselves; but you deserve to know more about Bali villa rentals and why you should discover their hidden treasures.

Oh So Private

One of the most important and sought after features of vacation villas is the privacy. Not only do you get an entire villa to yourself or to share with your family, but you can also rent villas with a private swimming pool, poolside bar, and even private beaches. Who wouldn't want to have their very own swimming pool to use whenever—honeymooners can enjoy an intimate swim under the clear blue sky, or under the bright sparkling stars. Also, a private beach means you don't have to scramble to find an open spot of sand, or wrestle with other beachgoers for space near the water. With private Bali villa rentals you can enjoy all the best amenities without having to share—let that toddler out and growl, "MINE!"

The Intimacy of the Indo Villa

Villa rentals Bali means that you have the opportunity to experience the most incredible intimate moments without distraction, interruption, or frustration. If you're visiting Bali on your honeymoon or wedding anniversary, or just to get away, you can enjoy the time alone. That means you don't have to worry about what you wear, what you say, what you do, or…where you do it. You don't have to share a hallway with other vacationers, you don't have to pass through a busy lobby to get to local attractions, and you don't have to worry about what other vacationers see, hear, or do because your private villa offers you the intimacy you need to have a great vacation.

Perfect Pricing

Yes, Bali villa rentals offer amazing vacation highlights, but they don't offer you the highest prices. You can rent a villa in Bali for as little as $120 a night, which means that you can use more of your hard earned money on spa treatments, new clothes, or private island tours. Amazing Amenities

Private villas in Bali offer the same and even better amenities as the larger, more expensive hotel chains. Bali villa rentals can include the following amenities: daily maid service, room service, 24/7 security, a spa, private pools, poolside bars, 5 star dining, transportation services, in suite bathrooms, sleep 1-10 people, cable TV, private balconies, private beach access, in suite kitchens, sun decks, and personal cooks.

Magnificent Memories

With your villa rentals Bali you are sure to enjoy your vacation so much that you will fly away from the exotic shores with a camera full of photos, a head full of memories, and a heart aching to return.

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