Top 7 Maintenance Pool Mistakes the Average Pool Owner Makes

by Pool Builders on 09-19-2009 in Articles

So, you're one of the lucky ones. You can take a dip in your pool anytime you feel like it. You appreciate what your pool does for you, of course, and so you take care of it-but is that really what you're doing?

Here are the top 7 maintenance-pool mistakes most homeowners commit without even knowing it. Go over the checklist, take note of the maintenance-pool mistakes, and be careful not to do the same so you can get more years of water fun.

Mistake 1: Not checking the pool's chemistry frequently. How often do you check your pool's chemistry? Once a month? That is not often enough. Check your pool's chemistry once every week during winters and twice a week during summers. If you do this, you can avoid having to make huge adjustments that will create an erratic up, down, up activity in the water.

Mistake 2: Not cleaning chlorine generator cells. If you don't do this, expect the cells to corrode or calcify. This becomes a problem because calcified or corroded produce very little chlorine.

Mistake 3: Adding liquid chlorine or other chemicals in daytime. To get the more out of the chemicals you use, add them after sunset.

Mistake 4: Not brushing the walls and tiles often. You don't want algae to take over your pool, but they most certainly will-unless you brush the walls and tiles often. Be careful not to let tiles get calcified-it will take a specialist to remedy this problem.

Mistake 5: Not running the pumps for as long as necessary. How long do you leave the pump running-30 minutes? This is way too short. Let the pump run for approximately an hour per 10 degrees of temperature, assuming you have a decently working circulation system.

Mistake 6: Not keeping any space between the top of your tile in check and the bottom of that cantilever on your deck. If you see any cracks, put some silicon. Trust me, you wouldn't want to migrate water out under that decking from the inside of the pool.

Mistake 7: Not checking calcium hardness regularly. Be sure to check your TDS-or Total Dissolved Liquids-every 6 months and the calcium hardness each month. These two can affect the pool's water balance.

Pay attention not to commit these 7 maintenance-pool mistakes. Your swimming pool has taken good care of you; now it's your time to take good care of it.

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