Top Benefits of Swimming Pool Covers  

by Pool Builders on 03-02-2011 in Articles

In a nutshell, investing in a swimming pool cover will bring you a reduction in energy costs, chemical consumption, water loss and time spent cleaning.
The following guide will explain the main reasons why every pool needs a cover.

Keep the Heat In
If you cover your heated swimming pool at night it will help lock in the warmth that has been generated, keeping the water temperature ambient. The same goes for a pool that is heated by the sun during the day. Even the cheapest vinyl and solar pool covers will go a long way in preventing heat from escaping.

Reduce Evaporation i.e. Water Loss
As a recap on what they taught you at school, evaporation is the process whereby liquid is changed into a vapour. This affects both indoor and outdoor pools, causing them to lose water. Each pound of water that evaporates uses up heat from the pool, thus increasing the amount of energy you need to keep it heated. Wind speed, air temperature and humidity are also a factor in the rate of evaporation. By covering your swimming pool when it's not being used, you can save as much as 30%-50% on the amount of top-up water needed to keep your pool filled.

Minimise the Need for Pool Chemicals
While chemicals are essential to maintain the healthy balance of your pool water, too much of them can cause irritated, watery red eyes as well as allergies and asthma. Using a swimming pool cover will reduce your chemical consumption by 35% - 60%.

Cash Savings
A swimming pool cover is a sure way to instantly save money - by reducing your energy costs to heat the water (regardless of whether you do this using gas, electricity or solar power) and by having to use less chemicals, your bank balance will certainly see less of a financial drain. You cover can save as much as 50%-70% on your energy costs per year.

Lessen the Cleaning and Maintenance Bother
Especially in the case of an outdoor pool, by being exposed to the elements it is prone to filling up with dust, leaves, twigs, yard debris and insects. A swimming pool cover is an effective solution for this - it will effectively ensure cleaning maintenance is kept as fuss-free as possible. It's also far easier to brush debris from the pool cover than to fish it out the water.

Improved Safety
If you have pets or young children, the danger of them falling into the water when you're distracted even for a few minutes can be worrying. There are specially designed swimming pool covers to give you peace of mind when it comes to safety - those with fibreglass mesh can hold up to 400 pounds of weight per square foot, so providing they're attached and installed properly, they will prevent most adults even from the risk of falling into the water. These types of covers are heavy so will need to be opened and closed using a manual or automatic track system.
Be aware that tarps and solar covers will not offer any safety against falling through and into the water, so if safety is a must then you will need to have a specialised model.

The standard swimming pool covers are easy to put on and take off, plus they don't much maintenance other than to remove the debris that gathers on their surface. If you really want zero effort, or if you have a heavy cover designed to prevent safety risks of falling into the water, you can choose to buy an automatic track cover where you will simply press a button or turn a lever to make the cover unfold.


Swimming pool covers are an excellent way for you to save on your energy and chemical costs, keep your water free from debris and even give you peace of mind when it comes to anyone accidentally falling in. The most basic covers are highly affordable, so it's highly recommend for every pool owner to invest in one.

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